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Comment Stanisław Jerzy Włodowski; translation Zuzanna Włodowska


Commissaries going ballistics

The European Commission does not intend to address the issue of presidential elections in Poland under the procedure of art. 7 of the Treaty - said EC spokesman Christian Wigand. Yesterday a different view was presented by Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders. (after Onet. consciousness)

I admit that an attempt to question the date and form of the presidential election in Poland, both by the opposition consolidated against PiS and the liberal-leftist faction in the European Commission, seems both scary and ridiculous. Exactly like in the Russian saying: "zhizn' - eto kak tigra eb...t': i smeshno, i strashno, i prijatnosti nikakoj…".

First of all, Commissioner Reynders (emanation of the now "green" Frans Timmermans) is trying to engage the European Commission in an ideological war with Poland, and practically with the entire Visegrad group. In the old times we would call that religious wars. Soon, they will not only fight Poland, because the Union's interference in the internal rules of democracy may upset almost all its members. Well, maybe except for Germany and their halberdier Netherlands, which are pro-bullying overly "self-governing" EU members. Does this foreshadow a new Thirty Years' War?

Secondly, since several years, the liberal-leftist "yacheyka" of the Commission, with stubbornness worthy of a better cause, fights the conservative-solidarist-Christian government in Poland. In order to restore the power of Donald Tusk's group, docile to Germany, famous for its economic scandals that robbed Poland's budget of several hundred billion euros. It is worth noting that the amazing rise of the Polish economy in the last few years took place after the losers and the patrons of thieving mafias were removed from power. The quickly evacuated leader of this band received from the hands of Empress Angela the insignia of the "paper" leader of Europe, and then the People's Party, nickname of which should be written in quotation marks. Well, unless we refer to the concept of "people" from the time of III. Reich?

Thirdly and finally, the time when Reynders wants to restore "justice" in Poland is equally compromising. In fact, it is about blocking the election of President Duda for a second term on a constitutional date. The very idea of the opposition is truly Machiavellian, using dubious legal tricks, it wants to force the rulers to declare a state of emergency because it would prevent elections. Timmermans school?

The present time is another compromise of the Union. After the migration chaos, we have a tortoise-like response to a pandemic threatening all of Europe. In the situation of the epic tragedy of Italy and Spain, as well as the rest of the continent. Against the background of slaughter in other countries, Morawiecki's government in Poland has demonstrated outstanding prudence and ability to resolve the crisis. And like a vulture, Didier Reynders intervenes so that Poland does not choose the head of state and at the height of the pandemic falls into the chaos of civil war. A devilish idea indeed. In times of war, a rascal would pay with his head for such a thing, but in the Union, sleazy actions have been a norm so far. I am afraid that it is expensive when it comes to the image of the EU in the eyes of most Poles, the most pro-EU nation in Europe so far. In addition, from this Reynders enthusiasm, lined with ideological sex, one should rather expect "prijatnosti nikakoj", because when it comes to polls the actions of opposition parties are quickly going down...

Europe expects flashes of wisdom from the apparatchiks of the EC, as befits in difficult times, and not to initiate party wars between the left and the right, or to defend VAT gangs by the EU establishment.


Where did SARS-CoV-2 come from?

Atypical pneumonia as a result of SARS infection occurred in the southern province of China, Guangdong, in 2002. A year later, the Chinese Academy of Sciences decided to build a laboratory in Wuhan, which at this moment has a population of over ten million. The laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology began operating in January 2018 as the first facility in the country that meets the standards of the fourth, i.e. the highest level of biological safety, abbreviated BSL-4 (biosafety level) or P4 (pathogen or protection level). This level of security is required to allow work with the most dangerous viruses such as Ebola, Marburg, Lassa, MERS, or SARS. Thus, it was to join such recognized facilities as laboratories in Atlanta (USA) or Kolcowo in Russia, where, incidentally, an extremely dangerous accident occurred on September 16, 2019. We must be aware that laboratories of this type are technically very advanced conglomerates, compared to which automated car and computer factories are just lego blocks.

According to one of the hypotheses, experiments conducted in Wuhan on bats could infect scientists. Due to delayed signs of infection, there has been a massive expansion of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.
The Chinese authorities have already claimed in January this year that this is a "conspiracy theory" when they first confirmed in January 2020 the existence of the new virus and its "transmission" by people. Consternation and even shock in the research community was caused by the fact that it was this laboratory that was to conduct research on new extremely dangerous infectious diseases, collect virus samples, and at the same time act as the "reference laboratory" of the World Health Organization. The reservations of the scientific community were largely associated with the ideological way of management in the field of research and their military use in modern, great-power China. And as you know, the line between medical research and the creation of biological weapons is illusory, because it depends mainly on the virus disposer. The laboratory's director Yuan Zhiming put it more ideologically. According to him, the facility was to be "a key node in the global network of biosecurity laboratories," he claimed. (, 27/01/2020)

The root causes of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is not obvious for several reasons:
- the outbreak of the epidemic in Wuhan might be in addition to negligence or accident (coincidence with a recent opening date), a result of a provocation, as the Chinese authorities have suggested against the allegations of the American administration;
- the well-documented natural path of virus migration from mammals (bats) to human organisms through trade in the market could be helped by growing a "model" virus model in one of the laboratories and spreading it to the natural environment;
- SARS-CoV-2 virus is "insidiously" destructive in a social sense, since the initial symptoms weakly differentiate it from seasonal influenza, and at the same time do not de facto destroy active labor. So from a psychopathic point of view it "optimizes" the structure of the human population. The highly selective mechanism of extermination by coronavirus - almost exclusively people with a "worn out" immune system, and therefore mainly old and sick - resembles by analogy the justification for the extermination of Jews by the Nazi Reich as a destructive element of the state economy.
- the results of research conducted in Biological Superlaboratories have a firepower similar to nuclear weapons, and at the same time it is difficult to prove who the virus or bacterium has unleashed. Therefore, we can see with the naked eye that it is an almost perfect weapon for a potential aggressor. Almost, because the biological product is characterized by unexpected mutations, which can hit the ricochet at the attacker, not to mention retaliation, as many countries support secret research on biological weapons. Global and local militarists and technocrats cannot predict everything, because apart from the tools of destruction, they still can't reach God's level. Mainly the multi-faceted vision of the goal of creativity.


Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Practice, facts, guesses

- Every fourth, fifth person infected with this "crown" virus has a more serious course of the disease. Statistically - when you are more than 60 years old or have a weakened body due to health problems, or currently weakened immune system (diseases, exhaustion, mental stress) when it comes to younger people. One's attitude, bravery and tendency not to give up are also important factors. In the current situation, it is worthwile to boost your immunity with a healthy diet (eggs, lean meat and fish, vegetables - if possible, not frozen, fruits, e.g. apples) and moderate physical activity (gymnastics with the window open, housework and repairs). We should not overwork ourselves, overeat, take TOO MANY supplements, because it can have the opposite effect.

- Infection by inhalation of an infected aerosol, (sneezing, shouting, blowing out the wind, etc.) usually up to 1.5 m, less often through the mouth and eyes. There is no evidence that the virus enters through the digestive system, but this is not excluded, so preventive care should be taken to ensure cleanliness of dishes and hands when preparing them. It is difficult to determine a safe distance from a sneezing person, because some make a short-range "achoo", and others sneeze like a cannon, directing a stream of air discharge in the face of the interlocutor or client, not downwards or sidewards. Coughing or sneezing into the "sleeve" can cause a part of the droplets to be diverted in different directions, because clothing absorbs only part of it. In this case, the coughing person should wear a mask, because it can absorb most of the microorganisms discharged (not only with the crown).

- In a domestic environment the virus can be eliminated by washing hands with soup and sanitizing liquids. Food can be washed with a gel, dishwashing liquid, e.g. if we are cooking or baking, it is enough to rinse an orange peel thoroughly with water. The virus dies at temperatures above 60-70 degrees Celsius, so it stands no chance in Polish cuisine.

- Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 likes a cool and dry environment (starting from 5°C without damp weather), so maybe spring and summer aura will stop its expansion.

- Isolation of infected people is the basis for stopping a pandemic. Total isolation and identification of the infected from the universal quarantine for 2-3 months is the only, although radically debilitating tactic.

Judging by the selectivity of this virus, it meets all the criteria for a biological weapon ordered from a laboratory by a madman or some organization, wishing to get rid of "individuals" weighing down heavily on state budgets and insurance companies. To put it simply - old, sick and weak. By the way, it is possible to ruin and subjugate entire social groups economically and politically, and even numerous companies and countries. Pandemic is a hardcore test of endurance and survivability of societies. Solidarity or a lack of it will be an important test for the future of people. A test of humanity or dehumanization.


Old post-fascist democracy of the EU and young Polish solidarity

Western European democracies sprouted after II. World War from the fertile soil of German fascism and the Soviet version of communism.
The old elites of totalitarian dictatorship from Nazism times received back their "due" positions in universities, courts and state administration. It was partly due to morbid fear that the Yalta order, established by the Stalin-Roosevelt-Churchill trio, will last at best another few years, after which the Red Army will invade the war-weary Western Europe.

The second important reason lied in the extermination of old elites with liberal roots. In Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, the poor and overly assimilated, who hadn't managed to emigrate, were socially excluded, and most Ashkenazi Jews could escape only through the chimneys of German concentration camps. In Poland, occupied partly by Nazi Germany, partly by the equally totalitarian Soviet Union, both regimes repressed the intellectual elites with cruel determination. University professors, officers, priests, artists, prominent lawyers. To survive this evil time, poet Zbigniew Herbert, world-famous mathematician Stefan Banach and several hundred college professors fed lice on their bodies in the The Institute for Study of Typhus and Virology of Rudolf Weigl in Lviv. Fortunately for them, the Nazis strongly needed vaccines for the eastern front, when the former Allies turned against each other in 1941.

After the Second World War, not only Americans, but also Germans and other Western Europeans, intensively restored scientists, lawyers or officials of the Nazi, and other pro-Nazi regimes to favor. Except Poland, where it did not sprout. Soviet Russia creatively used them in GDR, where not only the KGB and Stasi used the services of Nazi personnel. Henry Leide shows in his book "Auschwitz und Staatssicherheit" that the initial determination towards the criminals of Auschwitz passed in the early 1950s, and the East German political police protected former Nazis by using them as secret collaborators. The totalitarian personnel migrated to courts and university departments, teaching law to hundreds of thousands of students. Thus, the totalitarian mentality of denasified fascists in the West and the kagebists raised to university faculties in the East poisoned indefinite numbers, though with naked eye - large crowds of European lawyers. It is worth noting that back then the authorities were already handing out positions to the most faithful of them under the facade of constitutional rights, or human rights vested in every creature under neoliberal law! This rising current, of course, also applies in the Union, like the Matrix, where small states give their sovereignty to the great.

However, social conviction of their innocence and reliability was necessary for the mass return of functional elites to various state structures. So the myth was strengthened that these elites were acting on the orders of Adolf Hitler and his immediate surroundings. It was believed that German society was not able to oppose the dictator's rule (see J. Korte, Kriegsverrat..., Berlin 2011,, in S. Fikus, Trudny spadek..., IH PAN Warszawa 2013).

At the other end of this pan-European cultural tradition, including legal tradition, is the current power elite in Poland. It cultivates the doctrine of social solidarity, and its Christian version was instilled on a mass scale by the Polish Pope John Paul II. In Poland, gentry democracy covered a larger part of society than in the West and is much older than its tradition in France, Prussia or the unfortunate Russia, where it didn't exist at all. However, the ideas of Christian solidarity got the chance to triumph politically in Poland only until a few years. In this sense, democracy founded on its ground is much younger than "old" post-fascist and post-communist democracy based on violence, falsehood and breaking the law under the banner of neoliberalism or alleged socialism.

Unfortunately, the exercise of democratic power by the people / nation in Macron's France is as related to the liberal ideas of the French Revolution as the rusted, exhaust-smelling Volkswagen Beetle to the deeply human notes of Anne Frank and captain's Witold Pilecki superhuman dedication to others. Practice often distorts ideas, but the facade neo-liberalism of the Union seems rather like liberfascism, i.e. a hybrid of group sex by generations of fascists, stalinists and libertines. Frankenstein's monster, compared to this doctrinally disturbed hybrid, is a well-structured gentleman.


Smelly farts of the annexation of sovereignty

During the conference "Parliamentarianism between globalization and national sovereignty" organized on Wednesday by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, topics such as the struggle with nation states within the Union and euro-electionsplanned for May 2019 were discussed. The conference was dominated by the speech of Chancellor Angela Merkel, who seems to have defined Germany's political goals for the coming years.

The dominant goal of Germany should be, according to Merkel, to take away the sovereignty of the Central and Eastern Europe for the sake of EU bureaucracy created by Germany, France and satellite countries. Merkel said that Germany has already given away some of its sovereignty to the European Union, and that "countries remain the masters of the treaties." Unfortunately, the Chancellor's words do not match reality. Even such a large and powerful state as the United Kingdom had enormous difficulties in freeing itself from the rule of the Union that entangled the GB. One can imagine the conditions of the Union for a weaker country.

The Chancellor somehow does not notice that all Member States have at the same time handed over some of the sovereign powers to the EU Headquarters. However, Angela Merkel goes further, demanding that the smaller countries continue to give away the most important attributes of sovereignty, i.e. supervision of national states over power ministries under the slogan of a common army. According to the coordinated attack on Poland and Hungary, Germany wants to ensure full influence on the justice system in these countries on the pretext of the influence of politicians on the courts. Meanwhile, CDU deputy Stephan Harbarth has just been elected to the judge of the Constitutional Tribunal, and in two years he is to become its president. So Germany can freely fill courts and tribunals with political activists, and Poland can't?!

The impudence of these attacks reminds us of the times that "rightly passed" when the enemies were exterminated in an absolute way without worrying about logical arguments, and the Führer formulated various demands towards Poland. It is worth noting that what was then considered to be the Nazi fantasy of the German elite became a pretext for a criminal attack on Poland. The EU Member States' inequality is currently the biggest obstacle to the strengthening of unions within the EU. Chancellor Merkel is trying to push into Poles, like a child into the belly, a native German nationalism disease hidden from 1945 under a rug for use in the world. In this way, she wants to get rid of unwanted Arab and African surpluses of migrants. So, simply, she wants to withdraw from the faulty immigration policy at a cheap cost and forcefully put huge social burdens on Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovaks. Probably no longer on the Austrians, because they have already shown the Germans a meaningful gesture in this matter. I must admit that one must have a tremendous nerve to pay for other nations for their own political mistakes. Is it not a coincidence of the revival of German supernaturalism, or maybe even something more dangerous?


Liberal Parasites have eaten their host?

What is happening in France, meaning the rebellion of hard-working people living at the junction of poverty, can initiate a global revolution. No, I'm not a leftist emissary, it’s just the way it is. Throughout Europe, including the United States, not to mention Russia, Latin America, Africa, or Asia, large populations are living in extreme hopelessness. Also misery unimaginable in richer countries. This leads to famines, diseases and massive escape from regions affected by violence.

What do "liberal" rulers of the world do, walking with egalitarian slogans "freedom, equality and brotherhood"? They invest in the Third and Second World arranging first the wary political regimes for themselves. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, which was everything, but a true union, so-called Eastern Bloc fell apart. The sale of social goods by a company of post-communists and liberal "transformers" of the political system took place on the occasion of the resulting dissolution. The post-communists should not be confused with the communists, for the latter were most often bristling with bewilderment, while the first were cunning in every swindle and then they made great fortunes. Out of them emerged a caste of oligarchs, and they created, for their own needs, castes of servile officials, judges, or closed circles of eternal deputies, diplomats and local government workers.

It's just that greed is the fatal flaw of those lords of the modern world. Tsarist Angela Merkel, at the head of the European Union, which has been vassioned by Germany and France, flooded Europe with migrants from the Middle East and Africa. The obliging Soros helped by financing the migrations of people, and the European elites eagerly accepted that. First, with the help of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Barack Obama, the remnants of order were destroyed in Maghreb and Syria, then crowds of refugees were brought to Europe offering open borders. All this to reduce labor costs in the aging societies of Western Europe. Unfortunately, the elaborate plan of "helping refugees" has not burned out, because most of the newcomers prefer to live on unemployment benefits or trade in drugs rather than work almost for free. Not to mention integration with the European working people. For this, the rich are eager to integrate in the media, if only through the glass and not too long. Every now and then bombs of radical followers of Allah are exploding, and the average German, Frenchman or Belgian is getting tired of it. The elections in Italy have already sent the liberals to slums, France is currently burning, and in Germany the nationalist AfD is gaining more and more influence. So far, the third party in the Bundestag, and it’s growing in power fast.

Rebellion is rising against the quasiliberal elites who are already living in communism, because they have everything for free, at their fingertips, thanks to systemic robbing of societies. Greedy oligarchs create mafias that drive them billions. And with the help of Jean-Claude Juncker, as the prime minister of Luxembourg, the companies will barely pay any taxes. And thanks to the cunning tricks of the then Prime Minister Donald Tusk, the lobbyists have milked 60-70 billion euros from Poland due to VAT fraud. It was enough to change the Polish tax law thanks to a brilliant representative of Ernst & Young, and at the same time an official advisor to the Minister of Finance. No wonder that with such recommendations pp. Juncker and Tusk are making brilliant careers in the European Union. Even the fact that the first is constantly wobbling at EU parties, and the other often entices some androns, warming the armchair for his great protector, isn’t a hindrance. Oh, just in case she was moved from the wobbly chair of the chancellor.

And all this results from the parasites greedily throwing themselves at the throats of nations and nearly eating them, instead of entering a state of symbiosis.


"Apolitical" Court of the European Union

The Act on the Supreme Court passed by the Polish parliament equalized the judges of this court with other citizens who retire after the age of 65. They can continue to perform their function if within one month of the entry into force of the new law they submit a relevant declaration and present appropriate medical certificates, and the President of the Republic of Poland agrees. Some of the judges of the Supreme Court considered shortening the term of office as unconstitutional, citing the principle of irremovability of judges provided for in art. 180 sec. 1 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland.
Here is an occurence of "Cyclop's Casus", because according to the referenced article 180 of the Constitution, in fact the first paragraph refers to the irremovability of judges, but it is not uncorruptible irremovability. In the further paragraphs of this article, the Constitution determines that the deprivation of a judge's position on the grounds of, for example, the commission of a crime or serious illness, is decided by the court on the basis of the Act. The same is true in the case of retirement or transfer, where the law signed by the president decides.
The government side defends its position with the need to allow junior judges to enter courts, who are:
- not affected by the flaw of post-communist distortions, as well as active participation in the repression of the ancien régime;
- not so inefficient at work due to age and health conditions, which gives an opportunity to shorten the time of issuing judgments.

The concerned, defending themselves against the reform, appealed to the European Commission, which promptly brought charges to Poland that "amendments to the law on the system of common courts and the National Council of the Judicature in connection with the Supreme Court Act adopted by the Sejm completely change the Polish system of justice. On 24 September, the European Commission announced that the EU Commissioners were expressing their decision to send a complaint against Poland to the CJEU in connection with the provisions of the Act on the Supreme Court.
- the Commission requests the CJEU to issue an interim safeguard decision (so-called provisional measures) in order for certain provisions of the MV Act to remain suspended until a final ruling is issued;
- The Commission also wants the CJEU to restore the legal status before the reform was introduced.

The eristic of the opponents of the PiS's version of the reform of the Polish judiciary oscillates around the Montesquieu dogma of the tripartite power, and more recently - in view of the rejection by many countries of the Union of the federalist model of integration - omnipotency of the European Court. Well, in one of the judgments of the CJEU, we read: "under the primacy of EU law, which is an essential feature of the Union legal order (...) the fact that a Member State invokes the provisions of national law, even a constitutional one, can not affect the effectiveness of EU law on the territory of that country "(quoted in SALON 24," Polish Constitution and EU law and the secret role of the EU Court of Justice "). Thus, the EU "federalists", mainly from the Federal Republic of Germany and its satellites, apply to the supporters of Europe of the Fatherland a strategy "if not with a stick, then with a club", ie create a political body exercising totalitarian power over "disobedient" states. Totalitarian, because of everything from methods of fighting with woodworms, to reforms of the pension system. One may wonder whether this alleged "federalism" is not a facade for the establishment of the Fourth Totalitarian Reich, that is, the fulfillment of Adolf Hitler's dreams.
We have, therefore, a real threat to the eruption of the body, which is becoming an instrument of dictatorship in the EU overnight. The body that gives itself the expanding powers of domination, so it is worth knowing how democratically this court is created.

First of all, general judges and advocates are appointed by common accord of the governments of EU countries for a renewable six-year term. So those who are in the minority have no chance of being appointed according to their own preferences.
Second: the judges are nominated by the governments of the Member States. The only Polish judge at the Court of Justice prof. Marek Safjan on 25 February 2009 was nominated by the government of Donald Tusk. As we know, Donald Tusk has never scarred from nominations outside his political circle.
Thirdly: Before the first of December 2009 (when the Treaty of Lisbon became applicable), the states had total freedom of choice as to the choice of persons appointed as judges. At present, the selection takes place after consultation with the Committee provided for in Article 255 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (after SALON 24, ibidem). By no means does it eliminate the influence of politicians, but only reduces the influence of the smaller, so-far sovereign states on behalf of the Union's "goliaths", or smaller political factions in favor of the larger ones.
Fourthly, both the election of the seven members and the functioning of the aforementioned 255 Committee constituting the "cap" of the CJEU are practically unclassifiable to the public. In this respect, it's similar to the FIFA leadership from a few years ago or the Political Bureau of the CPSU from the time of Josef Stalin.
The anxiety of the right wing, currently ruling in Poland, in the context of the CJEU rulings, may also arouse the political origin of the Committee members. From February 11, 2014 to March 1, 2018 its chairman was Jean-Marc Sauve formerly a member of the Socialist Party. Committee member Luigi Berlinguer, from the mid-1950s, belonged to the Communist Party. From the current membership of the Committee (from March 1), Mirosław Wyrzykowski in the years 1977-1979 was a contract employee of the Higher School of Officers of the Ministry of Interior in Legionowo, which meant in the PRL the highest degree of political trust.
It must be assumed that the political assignment of the management of the CJEU pre-decides the judgment. It can be defined that the politicized European Tribunal speaks about the question of the pre-trial judges and attempts to pacify them politically, that is, their alleged or factituous de-politicization by PiS. This means at least such an honest process as Claus von Stauffenberg had after the attack on the Führer.


Agitation fighting for bloody Maidan

During the speech in the European Parliament, the Ukrainian head of the Open Dialog Foundation (FOD), expelled from Poland and the EU, Ludmiła Kozłowska, spoke in strong words about violations of the rule of law, censorship and propaganda in government-controlled media and persecution of civil movements.
Kozłowska expressed her concern that the Polish government is trying to dismantle the European Union from within. Guy Verhofstadt thanked her for the courage that she decided to talk about what is really happening in Poland. (onet.wiadomości)

György Schwartz in 1936, along with Jewish parents, changed his surname to Soros. A few years later, his father arranged for him false papers in the name of a Catholic, Janos Kiss, during the German occupation. Together with the Nazi collaborator, young Schwartz, aka Soros, vel Kiss, dealt with the confiscation of the property of Jews who were deported to German extermination camps. In 1947, seventeen-year-old George Soros went to London and on the second attempt he became a student at the prestigious London School of Economics. The only company that wanted to hire him was the investment bank Singer & Friedlander.

As a well-known stock speculator, he made 25 billion dollars in his business, but he was previously prosecuted by US secret services. Some think that he received a utimatum at the time - freedom for creating a screen in the overthrow of unwanted reign, or long prison. Some countries create such "poles" when they do not want to be associated with illegal, international actions. It is difficult to assess whether Soros's estate belonged to him or if he just managed it. It is hard to believe that such a clever businessman throws away nearly 20 billion dollars to prevent George Bush's election or the promotion of Hilary Clinton. It must be admitted, however, that in this series of failure he managed to organize the Ukrainian Maidan and, thanks to the efforts of the oligarchs there, he has the chance to squeeze out a fair compensation from Ukraine.

And what does the Open Dialog Foundation (FOD) and Ludmila Kozłowska have in common with it? Based on subsidies from Soros and agents of fraternal Brussels-Berlin forces, this foundation sought to stir up chaos in Poland to instill the Maidan and disprove the right-wing government of Prawo i Sprawiedliwość. The Polish authorities say that support for this hybrid war with the ruling right was also obtained from the Kremlin. This would not be the first case of uniting the efforts of Germany and Russia against democratic changes in Poland. The invaders from these countries have thwarted the second in the world after the American Progressive Constitution of May 3, 1791, and in September 1939, Nazi Socialists and Soviet communists again divided Poland. Under the German umbrella, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army flourished, which as one of Hitler's allied corps murdered 200,000 Poles to create a dream lebensraum for Ukrainians. Now oligarchic power from Kiev, treating these bandits as national heroes, sends Soros emissaries to Poland, and when they get into trouble, the German politicians in Berlin and Brussels are pulling out a helping hand immediately. One should be afraid that in Berlin and in a few more capitals under the false colors of the missionaries of internationalism, the same Nazi company is still flourishing.


Battle for good stereotypes

A few days ago in the Australian "The Herald Sun" appeared a caricature of dissatisfied Serena Williams jumping on a tennis racket. The image of the tennis player caused a media storm and was described as "repulsive" and "racist". The author of the controversial drawing, Mark Knight, left Twitter under the influence of massive criticism. According to journalists and TV presenters, the image proposed by the author of the caricature - Marek Knight - perpetuates harmful cultural stereotypes and lies against reality. Williams' rival, Naomi Osaka, was presented as a white blonde, not Asian.
If the self-proclaimed censors of Mark Knight get what they want, our new, politically correct life will be very boring - says the editorial board of The Herald Sun.

It seems that critics of Mark Knight belong to the same group who worships "Charlie Hebdo" for the uncompromising criticism of all varieties of so-called "rightism". So, if "Charlie Hebdo" exaggerates the disadvantages of the hated option, the faithful "hebdis" do not see anything harmful in this. The caricatures of Mohammed and Islamists, popes and cardinals, or politicians, including Jewish ones, despite the overrepresentation of Jews in this editorial office, have a large load of "distortion" of their image. However, this is how satire works, and even when the image is false, rarely anyone, except fanatics, protests.

In the case of the caricature of Serena Williams, we are dealing with a rather twin aesthetics. The tennis player's face resembles African masks designed to scare away evil spirits, and her rage recreates the facts of the tennis court. Next to the crushed rocket lies a teat, a bit too expressively indicating the infantile rage of the multiple US Open champion. On the edge of the caricature you can see a shrunken shred of the judge being called a thief and a liar by the sport star.

Do the tennis player's negroid lips or her dark complexion make this caricature a racist prank? Should a satirist straighten the crooked nose of a Jewish banker, open up the Eskimo eye slits wide, bleach the black skin of Afro-Americans, and the "whites", as the previously mentioned say, should be blackened for balance?

I have a few ideas that are just one step ahead of what's going on in brains infected with correct thinking. First of all, names and surnames should be removed, because, for example, Ahmed may arouse in the official communication harmful associations with religion or nation. It needs to be numbered, just as the former wise men from the European Commission wished to replace the sexist expressions of mother and father. This may be too much associated with concentration camps, but in the world of universal digitization it is the most natural. Secondly, it is a very harmful stereotype to bind the dark color of the skin with crime in ghettos and some districts. I suggest to change the dark colors that spoil the color of human skin in police photographs. It is best to use generally accepted colors, eg delicate pink, spring green and warm blue. Thirdly, the most unfair stereotype is the view that mainly swindlers and thieves aspire to politics. Well, the outdated state constitutions should be revolutionized. Instead of a deceitful preamble of truth, bliss or God, it should be noted there that lies and theft do not exist! And since the highest act claims so, then no legal scoundrel can undermine it. Q.E.D.


The liberal elites have gone crazy

A parishioner from the small village of Ranadoiro in Spain decided to renew on her own a historic 15th-century sculpture depicting Mary and baby Jesus. The effect is quite comical, and Internet users have already found in the "work" of the Spaniard the successor of the infamous, also amateurishly restored painting "Ecce Homo".
The renovation of the 15th-century sculpture, with the consent of the parish priest, was undertaken by Maria Luisa Menéndez. The woman is not a professional artist, but a store owner, however, this did not prevent her from undertaking an ambitious task. As a result, the wooden figure took on vivid, completely inadequate colors. Internet users compare it to a kinder-surprise toy, as well as a Disneyland figurine. (onet.kultura)

Sacred art in churches is intended for believers so that they could imagine religious reality. The totalitarian state is trying to interfere even in how the members of a given religious community are to perceive the robes and image of the deity. The liberal elites have gone mad, and the authorities of the Autonomous Community of Asturias have already begun an investigation in this case.
Those who spit every day on the Catholic Church have suddenly felt the breeze of the history and consider Church decorations as cultural heritage. One has to ask if this heritage consists only of figurines, or the whole history of the Catholic society, with its ups and downs?
Well, the castration of figurines as cultural property would be a robbery of something which the parishioners identify with. It would be an assault on their opinions and preferences, regardless of whether we perceive aesthetics and opinions within more "progressive" conventions and canons. Believers usually prefer restorating lively colors from the fifteenth century than blackened patina, which has enveloped medieval sculptures.
Could the liberal canons no longer recognize ordinary people's right to be different? Because if that's the way it is, then I wouldn't call that liberalism, but simply old good fascism. Naturally, good for those who consider themselves liberals, but in fact constantly force their own ideals with the power of money or contemptuous, Goebbelsian cackling. Unfortunately, the problem is that those ideals, or rather their application, is disgustingly deceitful for others.
In this particular case it is about the business of the powerful lobby of critics, conservators and the whole bunch of art dealers, traders and policy makers. The majority of them has huge shares in the lucrative art market. Most likely, if the parson from the village of Ranadoiro left the conservation of the sculpture of Madonna to them, he would have to pledge the church, and perhaps the whole parish. The reason has won, and the Mother of God lost her brown face.


Can holocaust be misrepresented?

The Israeli Yad Vashem has criticized the amended Act on the Institute of National Remembrance. The Institute also points out that the joint declaration of the Prime Ministers of Poland and Israel contains errors and lies. The novel is still referred to as "Holocaust Law". According to Yad Vashem, the amendment to the Act on the Institute of National Remembrance "makes it impossible to conduct research and historical memory about the Holocaust". He also criticized the joint statement of Mateusz Morawiecki and Benjamin Netanyahu, who declared, among others, lack of consent for attributing to Poland or the entire Polish people guilt for the atrocities of the Nazis and their collaborators; they stressed the freedom of scientific research and condemned all forms of anti-Semitism and "anti-Polonism and other negative national stereotypes". (onet.wiadomości)

Unfortunately, some Jewish circles are getting angry with Poles. Morawiecki and Netanyahu called for a "calm dialogue based on mutual respect". Meanwhile, we hear the scream of the Jewish Beots. A little more, and this will be echoed by their Polish counterparts, because every nation has some percentage of politically idiotic blockheads. Against the hopes of Jewish bewilders, even the world's propaganda pressure, with the Weinsteinian Hollywood at the forefront, will not induce Poland to make any further concessions, because it stood in this matter at its own Wailing Wall.

Almost every Polish family suffered terrible consequences of the Second World War unleashed in the name of the flowering of Germany, but also international corporations. Hundreds of thousands of Jews faithfully served the criminal totalitarian regimes in Wermacht, the Red Army, the NKVD, the death camps in Siberia, Katyn, and the political police during the Soviet occupation of Polish territories after the war. This is how it looks from the Polish perspective.

All this is well documented and no one intends to sue Jewish historians unless they deliberately falsify history. Unfortunately, instead of a scientific dialogue, we have gibberish. How else can you call the claim that the Polish government in exile did not do much to stop the holocaust. And what could such a government do? They sent Jan Karski to the British and Americans? Little? They ordered the guerilla to combat urban and forest bandits murdering and robbing defenseless Poles and Jews. Little?

By nature, I am an incorrect optimist, but in this matter I am overwhelmed with pessimism. It looks like we will be reprimanding the rest of the world. Real and imaginary.


Lovey-dovey with the constitution

On Tuesday there were 73 judges in the Supreme Court, of which 27 have reached 65 years of age. In turn, out of these 27 judges, nine judges made statements regarding the will to remain in office with the appointment of a new law on the Supreme Court. On the other hand, in seven subsequent declarations, the judges referred directly to the Constitution of the Republic of Poland and did not also include health certificates. The statement was not made by the first president of the SC Małgorzata Gersdorf, who was already 65 years of age. (onet.wiadomości)

Comment: The judges of the Supreme Court seem to be affected by geriatric diseases. Among others they think that they work in the Constitutional Tribunal. That is why they still refer directly to the constitution adopted in 1997 under the wing of Aleksander Kwasniewski written under the dictation of Brussels. However, it did not bother them at all when the Platform broke the Constitution itself, appointing "futurist judges" to the Constitutional Tribunal.

Thus, one of them rightly can now point out the violation of the constitution, the more so because there is probably no more ill-conceived text than the work of Mr. A. Kwaśniewski. Honestly speaking, he is not responsible for the expressions, because it was probably dictated by EU bureaucrats, hence the internal contradictions. Similarly, they came out with the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which I wrote about in the past (text in the New Medusa's Archive of the Foundations of Politics).

In general, the idea was that both the Constitutional Tribunal and the Supreme Court should uphold the rights dictated by Brussels and Berlin. Hence the 6-year term of office of the First President of the Court, to rule over legislation if the nation is wrong and chooses a party disobedient to Brussels for the 4th anniversary.

I listen to the lawyers' arguments with great enthusiasm that the six-year term of office of the President stems directly from the Constitution. It follows that whatever the President would do or did not do, she must still remain the first president. I do not want to give forward any hints, but it seems from this caricature of the constitution that she can even take a Kalashnikov and fire at the Presidential Palace. According to lawyers from TVN, no one can take away the President's immunity and she can shoot for two more years. She's just on vacation, so let the woman relax after the recent tense and stress. According to the Constitution, Mr. Gersdorf belongs to the higher caste standing above the law and none of you feudal trash has anything to say.


Free rotation of the stars

* The match with Senegale was preceded by triumphant trumpets. It is known everywhere else that the media trumpets can be turned on after the match. Or not at all, because they only demobilize. Only here do these poor things not know about it.
*We have too many 'heavy-steppers' in our team. The Senegalese were carried by the wind, and our people were trotting after them. Krychowiak - without form, because he did not play too much in the English league. Błaszczykowski - the same in the German league, the pale shadow of quick wing Kuba. Similarly - Piszczek recently cured after an injury, ambitious and good technician, but today "power" was not with him. Milik - the same in the Italian league barely dug up after a serious injury. They lacked only disabled Glik. They could set up a brotherhood hospital!
* They were supplemented by the headless riders. Krychowiak directing the ball towards our goal. Completely pointless, because the upper balls are thrown only at the rival's goal area. Grosicki flew back and forth a few times, worn out and fidgeting. Probably, he had too many donuts from the discount of the Żabka stores. Zieliński - concentrated on every other ball under his feet. It's just that the real opportunity is sometimes only once.
* Occasionally, the balls went to Lewandowski, the sniper. Today also without any flame. Maybe there is no chemistry to play with Milik, Piszczek and Błaszczykowski. Maybe right-sided do not want to combine with left-sided Lewy ... Psychological background? Bayern Syndrome? Maybe Coach Nawałka did not explain that you should play ahead?
* Only Kownacki and Bednarek looked fit. The latter was a bit gawking during "Krycha"'s slip-up, but almost everyone would get confused. Unfortunately, two will not win a match against eleven.
* At the end, I'm amazed, why do our boys play some sloppy "Tiki-taka"? For this you need to have a southern temperament and perfect technique. Not to suffer from the Slavic reverie for the whole game.


Constitutional breaking of the brain 

To create a constitution that would not have to be broken, President Andrzej Duda posed 15 pre-referendum questions to the nation. Willy-nilly, but I will answer.

1. Are you in favor of enacting a) a new Constitution of the Republic of Poland ?; b) changes in the current Constitution of the Republic of Poland?
Answer c. A real constitution must be enacted. Where it will be clearly defined, what citizen's rights are, and what betrayal of Poland is. Currently, that is unknown.

2. Are you in favor of introducing into the Constitution of the Republic of Poland the obligation to hold a nationwide referendum approving changes to the Constitution?
If there is a qualified majority in the Sejm, then a referendum is unnecessary. If there isn’t one, the referendum may be the only chance to change a bad law.

3. Are you in favor of introducing into the Constitution of the Republic of Poland the obligation to hold a nationwide referendum on matters of vital importance to you and the Nation, if at least 1,000,000 voice such a demand?
A million sounds proud, but why not individuals, but - smarter. We are moving too much towards mass, not towards sense.

4. Are you in favor of appealing in the preamble of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland to the more than a thousand-year-old Christian heritage of Poland and Europe as an important source of our tradition, culture and national identity?
One should also refer to the pre-Christian heritage and post-Christian ideas. Christianity is an ideological good, but not the only one. 

5. Are you in favor of a constitutional guarantee of special support for the family, consisting in the introduction of the principle of inviolability of acquired rights (such as "500+" benefits)?
Placing detailed social rights in the constitution paralyzes social policy instead of steering it. There is a problem with it, because in fact different liberal harpies are lurking to eliminate it.

6. Are you in favor of guaranteeing, in the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, special protection of the right for pension for women over 60, and for men over 65?
It depends on how big this pension is. If not much, it can be a guarantee of overproduction of beggary hags and old men.

7. Are you in favor of constitutional guaranteeing the membership of the Republic of Poland in the European Union?
And if it evolves into an union of marches or caliphates, are we supposed to be stuck there?

8. Are you in favor of enshrining in the Constitution of the Republic of Poland a guarantee of the sovereignty of Poland in the European Union and the principle of superiority of the Constitution over international and European law?
Some EU rights are beneficial to Poles, others destroy us. The same with the constitution given to us by Mr. Aleksander Kwaśniewski. 

9. Are you in favor of the constitutional guarantee of Poland's membership in NATO (North Atlantic Alliance)?
And if NATO takes military missions to the east of Europe? After all, they have to test new types of weapons somewhere, and in European conditions there is no "better" conflict location.

10. Are you in favor of guaranteeing in the Polish Constitution a special protection of Polish agriculture and Poland's food security?
Well, what about health, investment or educational safety? The constitutional people are to be dark or enlightened?

11. Are you in favor of strengthening the position of the family in the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, including the protection of paternity in addition to motherhood?
It is necessary to protect not only the rights of parents, but also the rights of children. Against totalitarian educational tendencies and, on the other hand, pathological aggression, immaturity and lack of reason. Sometimes you need to protect adults and children from their own stupidity. Empathically and with sensitivity.

12. Are you in favor of the constitutional protection of work as the foundation of the social market economy?
Labor protection for Poles - surely. Unfortunately, in the Union, and now in Poland, primitive capitalism rules and its protection would involve the consolidation of an inhumane system.

13. Are you in favor of strengthening the competences of the President, elected by the Nation, in the sphere of foreign policy and supremacy over the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland?
The mechanism of selection of advisers by Mr. President does not allow to think optimistically about increasing his competences.

14. Are you in favor of granting in the Constitution of the Republic of Poland a guarantee of special health care for pregnant women, children, people with disabilities and the elderly?
Special care should apply to all Poles. If anyone wanted to, it would be possible. However, you would have to think systemically, and it's probably too difficult ...

15. Are you in favor of guaranteeing in the Constitution of the Republic of Poland the division of territorial self-government units into communes, counties and voivodships?
And can’t you think of anything better than these nepotism hatcheries?


Municipal access roads 

The reinforced rubber tape, which began to serve as a road, gained popularity a year ago. The road led to one of the farms in Goryń in Warmia and Mazury. It turned out to be strong, cheap and it could be ridden on even with heavy equipment. The municipality of Kisielice, responsible for the experiment, obtained documents proving that the rubber street does not threaten the environment and that it was made of materials used in construction. (...) Thanks to the rubber coating with corundum, the road gained a good grip and still - as the mayor of Kiesielice, Rafał Ryszczuk argues - costs 10 times less than pouring asphalt on the road.

However, the commune is still battling the officials responsible for road construction, because they stated that the location of the rubber layer for prairie is not its curing, only modernization, and therefore requires a building permit and relevant certificates. This is an obstacle that may prevent the emergence of subsequent roads of this type.

The response of the spokesman of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Szymon Huptysia, however, shows that there is no chance in the near future, because the rubber road does not meet many of the applicable standards. Especially those included in the Construction Law and in the Regulation on technical conditions that should be met by public roads. The construction of the public road surface, understood as a layer or a set of layers, should be designed and constructed in such a way that it transfers all impacts and influences that may occur during construction and use of the road, and has a durability at least equal to the period of use specified in the project documentation .
(, Kujawsko-Pomorskie)

Comment:  Democracy is based on the fact that clever minorities subjugate the confused majority. Mostly to get rich. This was the case in people's democracy in the People's Republic of Poland, so it is also in liberal democracy in the 3rd and 4th Polish Republics. Neither People's Republic nor liberal, inspired my sympathy because of their totalitarian and elite pedigree. How can you oppose this violence?

To build a regular road, you must have a thousand consents that meet god knows how many conditions. Overuse of safety conditions is usually manipulative, because it depends more on the sobriety and training of the driver than on the ground. An important condition is the high price and specialized machines, because then every mafioso and every decision maker is guaranteed a solid piece of cake. The fact that capo di tutti capi does not even have to live in Poland is proven by the mass bankruptcies of domestic contractors in the times of Tusk. Nothing has fueled corruption in Poland like the EU's road and highway construction system.

Time for the first advice: We do not build a road, but we even out and expand the communal path. So we do not do curing or modernization, but we put a large doormat not to ride on the mud. We say "won" from rural and suburban paths, footbridges, etc. to the liberal-totalitarian state. If we put a rubber pass for ourselves between the fields, the officials should kiss us on our hands, that we save money and do not demand asphalt. If the rubber pass is ten meters wide and 30 kilometers long, then what? The path can be as wide as the promenade in Sopot, and the length of paths has not been decreed by the Sejm as yet. I do not recall the law prohibiting the laying of carpeting on the paths. The path does not have to be perfectly smooth or have a layered foundation, nor does it have to be designed by a team of engineers. Even the serfs of the peasants corrected the access to their huts with a wooden piece of goods, and no supervisor dictated how they would do it evenly, so as not to drown in the mud or natural fertilizer.

Second advice: If the municipality manages a passage, then for safety reasons it should establish rules for safe usage also for car drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists. The best option would be to consult it with the Minister of Infrastructure, but as his spokesman claims – there is only a single alternative. Asphalt or mud!


US ambassador’s fake news 

During the hearings at the Senate's foreign affairs committee, Georgette Mosbacher was asked if she knew what was happening in the field of anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe. The candidate for the ambassador in Warsaw answered in the affirmative. - Unfortunately, it was [anti-Semitism] caused by the Holocaust law that Poland has recently enacted - said Georgette Mosbacher, adding that she will cooperate with the Polish authorities to prevent such records from appearing in subsequent laws. (onet.wiadomości)

Comment: I understand the outrage of Polish public opinion and the Polish government, but to two aspects of this matter are worth paying attention to.

The first aspect in the field of PR is the consonance of the words of the newly approved representative of the United States with the Israeli ambassador, Anna Azari. Both of them fiercely fight in the sphere of political propaganda for impunity to assign Nazi crimes to the nation or the Polish state. This would be a strong point of attaching reparation claims if it would be possible to justify Poles' complicity in the Holocaust. So both ladies play to one goal and you can say "guard us God from such allies."
Even in the worst times of Stalinist terror, the Soviet ambassador in Warsaw would not allow himself such a brilliant public denigration of Poles. Do the "Trump" United States allow themselves more?

The second aspect is deeply substantive and requires a deeper examination of a historical option. The question is whether it was possible to evacuate several million Central European Jews against their industrial annihilation in German Auschwitz-type enterprises. As shown in the examples from Hungary, Romania and other countries, even in the 1940s, such a deal with the Nazi authorities was possible. One should think that several billion dollars would not only save a few million Jews, but also the honor of the rich America. The Polish partisan courier Jan Karski broke into the US to give the US government plans for German crimes against Jews. However, both President Roosevelt and the elite of the Jewish diaspora did not want to believe it. They did not want to hear about it too much, either. Is it possible to believe that the leading power of the then world does not know what is going on in war-torn Europe? With his intelligence already wrapped around the entire globe? Let's not get into such a nonsense. It is likely that Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today (JUST) No. 447 is intended to cover the criminal abandonment of America.

What should be done if the undisputed victim of Nazism, Stalinism and Banderism is being unjustly blamed for their crimes? The answer is self-imposed - change alliances. An extreme idiocy would be to invest in an alliance with those who try to deprive us of good reputation and rob us, to boot.


The ghastly Anti-Semitism of the Semites

What is currently happening in the Gaza Strip, when at least 58 Palestinians die each day, brings the worst associations. The transfer of the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem caused an explosion of emotions. The Americans accepted the "creeping" annexation of Jerusalem by the Jewish state.

Considering the Semitic origin of Israelis and Palestinians, it is hard not to be surprised by the obstinacy of the Jewish conquerors of Palestine. If they have practically the same genotypes, maybe apart from Ashkenazi, these associations can even lead to Ashke-nazi. However, you have to accept the fact that we are dealing with two hostile nations on a small patch of Earth. Jews hate Palestinians, and Palestinians - Jews - with full reciprocity.

Historically, Jewish migrants from the first and second century assimilated the Caucasian Khazars by supplying them with their own religion, while in Europe they preserved their individualities by creating their own districts - ghettos. Despite this cultural identity, as the blood is not water, a large part of the German Jews population has Germanic, Russian, Polish or Czech characteristics - Slavic. Italian, Spanish and French, in the same way, took the genes of Arab colonizers from Western Europe from the era of medieval jihadists, and Hungarian - Huns. Disillusioned to coexist with the European nations, on the wave of sympathy due to the Holocaust, thanks to the support of the Americans and the British, they conquered Palestine.

A kind of return (alija) has been initiated and financed by international capital since the mid-nineteenth century, only after almost two thousand years of absence. From the vestigial presence of Jews in the eighteenth century, successive waves of aliyah increased their presence in Palestine to 31 percent of the population in 1945. In 1922, there were 11% of them, while Muslims - 78%, and Christians - 10%. Even then, economic and religious riots broke out. However, the United Kingdom supported attempts to dominate Palestine by emigrants, including refugees after pogroms, mainly in Tsarist Russia. Antagonisms between Jews and Russians or Greeks from Odessa clearly revived the Zionist movement.

If the Palestinians are Jews who have undergone Islamization and Christianization in the past two millennia, then we are dealing with a hecatoon in the immediate family. At least when it comes to Palestinians and Sephardic Jews. A religious war recalling the patterns of crusades, Islamic invasions to Europe or India, but in the name of the clash of Yahweh with Allah. Two different Middle Eastern visions of the same God.


A breeze of communism in New Jersey 

The intention to remove the monument in New Jersey devoted to Polish officers murdered by the Stalinist regime aroused astonishment and indignation in Poland. The ABC TV network stated that "the proposal to remove the monument commemorating the victims of the Soviet massacre of Poles in 1940 caused a transatlantic war with words."
Mayor Steven Fulop returned to the matter on Saturday. He made an entry on Twitter, announcing the transfer of the monument:
- "Just to be clear.
1. It's a hundred-percent sure that the monument will be moved where it was supposed to stand under the 1986 order.
2. The leading representatives of the Polish government turned to me. I will not meet with people who want to rewrite history about the participation of their country in the Holocaust.
3. The only people I will answer are the residents of Jersey City. "
Lawyer Platta referred to the mayor's comments:
‘The mayor is referring to an old non-binding ordinance, which was replaced by another one in 1989, valid until now." It was issued by New Jersey City Council on April 12, 1989. It approved the current location of the monument at the Katyn Forest Memorial Plaza’ (part of the Exchange Plaza) (from Niezależ; PAP).

Comment: Observing the reactions of Jewish organizations in the USA in the recent period, one can not resist the impression that they have declared Poland a propaganda war. Tactics in this war are variable. Before the amendment of the Polish law on the Institute of National Remembrance, there was an assault of mobilized Jewish communities from around the world. One of the American propaganda bombers even shouted the slogan "Polish Holocaust", which meant total absolution of its perpetrators, Nazi Germany.

When the lack of desired effects of this massive campaign was noted, tactics were changed. Every few days, like a cuckoo from an old German clock, some piece of fake news pops up by a well-known representative of the Jewish community. Recently, the director of adventure films Steven Spielberg remembered the "suddenly" alleged admiration of the Polish filmmaker about the creation of the SS man and her hope for the return of the "defenders" from the German occupation in Poland. Although every nation produces "b...tches," I can not imagine that this flounder would not be dealt with on the set. During the German occupation, the sexual "collaborators" of the urban guerilla shaved baldly. I'm just surprised that Spielberg calmly accepted the declaration and did not remove the whore from the movie set for praising Nazism. Did he like it?

Now, just like an annoying cuckoo, the mayor of New Jersey, Steven Fulop, jumped out. He announced the removal of the monument to the murdered 22 thousand Polish officers in Katyn and several smaller prisoner-of-war camps by Stalinists. Polish officers, which does not mean only Polish nationality, as the victims of the Soviet political police of the NKVD were also Polish officers of Tatar and Jewish nationality. Some sources estimate the participation of Jews in the Polish army defending the country even for about one hundred thousand. Mayor Fulop has spat in the faces of all these honorable, late people.
Now, just like an annoying cuckoo, the mayor of New Jersey, Steven Fulop, jumped out. He announced the removal of the monument to the murdered 22 thousand Polish officers in Katyn and several smaller prisoner-of-war camps by Stalinists. Polish officers, which does not mean only Polish nationality, as the victims of the Soviet political police of the NKVD were also Polish officers of Tatar and Jewish nationality. Some sources estimate the participation of Jews in the Polish army defending the country even for about one hundred thousand. Mayor Fulop has spat in the faces of all these honorable, late people.

Paradoxically, the prime contractor of this crime was Lavrenty Beria, the head of the NKVD (later the KGB) at that time. He was a part of the great mass of Jews then creating the Soviet security apparatus, and the task was entrusted to the most trusted communists. The Polish Jew Abraham Vidro (Wydra) in 1971 in the Israeli daily "Maariv" broke the silence and published a report about the meeting with three Jews, officers of the NKVD, in a military leisure camp in the Soviet Russia. Major Joshua Sorokin, Lt. Aleksander Susłow and Lt. Samyun Tichonow confessed to him as a Jew, how they killed Poles in Katyn. "I murdered the poles with my own hands and shot them myself." Regarding the Jews who perished in the Katyn massacre, it was decided that they did not support the pro-Communist Bund. Every fifth did not support the Bund and was treated like the rest of the Poles in this prisoner-of-war camp. On the margins of this confession of Abraham Vidro, I think that for his death testimony and courage he deserves the tree of the Righteous, but I do not give this award, so I express only respect for his attitude.

You can probably state with responsibility that the mayor of New Jersey is trying to cover up the traces of Katyn genocide on prisoners of war in American historical consciousness. The bestial murder carried out by Jews also on Jews. The Institute of National Remembrance in Warsaw, in addition to the lists of thousands of innocent victims, also has lists of NKVD murderers. Perhaps the testimonies of the memory of them and their accomplices are afraid of the panic of the post-Soviet apparatus of crime. They hid, including in the US, right after II. War, and another wave of exodus occurred after the collapse of the Soviet version of communism. Another paradox is the fact that in the real homeland of democracy they were treated naively as victims of communism, and not as demiurges of totalitarian evil.


Steven Spielberg’s fake news? 

Jonny Daniels criticized the statements of director Steven Spielberg, who during the debate on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the film "Schindler's List" from 1993 as part of the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, mentioned the work on this movie in Poland. As reported, among others Polish media, the director recalled the situation in which one of the Polish women shouted to the actor dressed in SS uniform Ralph Fiennes that she liked the uniform very much and wished the Germans "come back and protect us again". "I will probably be arrested in Poland after I go there again, for what I have said - since they passed their law," Spielberg said. (onet.wiadomości)

Comment: Just because someone is a known director of popular movies, unfortunately, it does not mean that everything is alright with his head. However, various conclusions can be drawn from the words cited by Spielberg:

1. The quotation was typical fake news, and the director may be fighting for media and financial support for the descendants of thousands of Jewish policemen from the ghetto, kapos and members of Judenrat collaborating with the Nazis, or an outstanding part of the American diaspora who ignored the annihilation of poor European Jews;
2. The quote was not made up, but it was not shouted by a Pole, but by someone close to the director. Could hundreds of thousands of Poles murdered by SS men form a protection in Spielberg's imagination?
3. The quotation came from the mouth of a native German woman or Volksdeek who was employed as a statistician because of the subject matter and location of the film. As far as I know, Spielberg does not speak Polish, and "random" Polish women were not allowed into the set. Maybe he knows the so-friendly for him German language?

In general, I am not surprised by the fury of the Jewish hawks that the current Polish government is trying to erase from its heads the ingenious idea of returning "non-quota assets". The peak of absurdity and historical animalization would be if the victims of the war stirred by totalitarian regimes were to pay for it to some holocaust businessman.

If you think seriously about such a tribute, then the right address of your claims and expectations would be a contribution of at least two powers: Germany and Russia, because in the previous incarnation these states and their nations participated in the genocide of Poles and Jews from the center and east of Europe. If, on the other hand, we take into account gross negligence and the farce of the settlement of Nazism, the creator of the movie about cloned dinosaurs should also include the USA.


Occasionally political degradation

The Act on the deprivation of military grades - also posthumously - is to concern people who have "misappropriated the Polish raison d'état". For example, it refers to General Wojciech Jaruzelski and General Czesław Kiszczak - members of the Military Council of National Salvation. (

Comment: Personally, I have no objections to the general formula of this act if we treat this "misappropriation" without restricting it to officers from the PRL period. This embezzlement may well apply to modern acts of betrayal of the Polish state, corruption in arms industry tenders, or even sexual harassment. The latter destroy the soldiers' morale and undermine the trust in commanders, so they can bring even greater losses than espionage.

However, I am quite doubtful about the narrative of Prime Minister Morawiecki, Minister Blaszczak, or former Minister Macierewicz. They say that the Polish state was not sovereign in the PRL, virtually devoid of the attribute of free choice of political decisions. This is a total truth, although the same malicious can talk about our status within the European Union, or current relations with the US or Israel. However, equating PRL status with Vichy status does not seem to be effective.

First, the judgment of Marshal Petain and some of the collaborators took place just after the war. Then the case was virtually closed so as not to spoil the state and its institutions. And also to save the collaborating elite in the case of France from the "folk" folly.
Secondly, the army underwent an evolution in the communist period. KBW fought until the 1950s, not only with "cursed" but with UPA bands and bands of ordinary deserters from the Home Army and other formations. And WRON's goal was presented as an attempt to save the country from the chaos and intervention of fraternal armies, a repeat of Dubczek. Until today, we are not sure if the worst case scenario would have been fulfilled.

I can agree that not all grades from the People's Republic of Poland can be "nostrified" in the Republic of Poland. However, the degradation for legally permissible activities in the PRL requires, in my opinion, legal proof and not only political judgment. Political criteria often change over several years, so building morale on them is a strategic mistake. It can contribute to the promotion of political mediocrity and crooks, not real-life commanders.


Semitism, anti-Semitism and alienism in Poland

The Polish Institute of National Remembrance, or IPN, has decided to defend Poles against anti-Polonism. Especially the accusations that they unleashed the Holocaust, because according to the Jewish diaspora and also significant Israeli politicians, "Poles were worse than the German Nazis."
When an average Pole hears such opinions, he thinks: ‘What do these Jews rave about? They survived on the Polish soil from the 16th century, when they were being expelled everywhere else. Even during the Nazi slaughter, some 200,000 survived. Who defended them then, despite the death threat? Garden gnomes, aliens? They would be able to survive by themselves only in a Hollywood movie.’

I admit that until the last furious media campaign, I will put it delicately, I had naively thought that the blame for the hatred of Jews towards Poles should be blamed on Poles. Not for any guilt, but for the lack of assertiveness. Subsequent governments in Poland after the Second World War were filled with "Jewish companions" by the Soviets until the turn of 1968. At that time, I ended up in the Lublin prison for student street excesses. When the KUL priests from the Lublin Convict bailed me out of jail, I remember that as part of contestation we played bridge with colleague Kondracki and a sympathetic colleague with an aristocratic name, and with a stressed out Jewish boy. Comrade Wiesław Gomułka argued that the riots were Zionist. He imposed such a narrative. I saw it on a more universal scale as a rebellion against the gray reality funded by Soviet servicemen. At the rallies broadcast by television, there were many claims, and there was no essence. This is how it is when a gang of simpletons rule. The first chance for a mutual examination of the conscience of Jews and Poles was lost then.

The Semitic companions lost thousands of lucrative positions then, from the sky-high secretaries of the communist party to the directors and lower-level managers. For many of them it was unfair, although a trip to Israel and the West transported them to another world, which was incomparably more developed. Especially in comparison with Poland ruined by war and harassment by the Soviet Soyuz. And harassed by the West to boot, for the fact that by Roosevelt's will it landed in ... a Soviet camp.

After 1989, when Soviet Soyuz was dying in the infernal torment, there was another chance for a reset in Polish-Jewish relations. At that time, the Polish Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki launched the "Most" operation, in which 40,000 Jews were flown over from Poland to Israel. Arab bombers were lurking everywhere. It was said: ‘There is no country outside of Poland who would do something like that.’ Instead of a reset, an exchange of thoughts and truth, there was a quarter century of splendid isolation instead. Well, now you can see how it ends when the demons grow out of the murky family stories.


Using our money

Regarding Russia's reduction of gas transmission via transit pipelines through Ukraine to recipients in Western Europe, the authorities in Kiev have introduced restrictions on the consumption of this raw material. It was recommended to suspend education in educational institutions by the 6th of March and gas supplies for enterprises have been reduced,
* Russia reduced gas transmission to Ukraine by 20% - the authorities in Kiev reported;
* Naftohaz appealed to citizens to lower the temperature in their homes, "let Russian blackmail fail";
* The EC declared that it was ready to mediate between Russia and Ukraine;
* PGNiG urgently increased gas supplies to Ukraine (onet news)
Comment: For a simple reader-graduate the message reads as following:
- Russia has reduced its gas consignment to recipients in the West of Europe. Is the "consumption" of this raw material in Ukraine taking place after the transfer of this country to Western Europe?
- The European Commission does not want to mediate at all with Poland, and here, look, what a rush!
- Why did PGNiG not listen to Naftohaz's appeal, "let Russian blackmail fail"? After all, it looks like pro-Moscow sabotage by PGNiG!
- By using whose money did PGNiG urgently increase gas supplies to Ukraine?
Will they take only pensioners again, or will they screw over all Polish clients?

We understand that the Pro-Banderan regime is the beloved darling of the Rightist Union, so they want to preserve it at all costs. Only for what sins do we have to pay for it from our own pockets? (SJW)


Ronen Bergman’s fun with Holocaust 

On Saturday, at the Security Conference in Munich, during one of the panels journalist Ronen Bergman, addressing the head of the Polish government regarding the amendment to the Act on the Institute of National Remembrance, presented the story of his mother in Poland who survived the Holocaust, but many members of her family were killed because they were denounced to the Gestapo by Poles. Then he declared: ‘If I told her the story in Poland, I would be considered a criminal, what are you trying to do? You're adding fuel to the fire.’

Answering Bergman's question, Morawiecki said, among others: ‘It is extremely important to understand that, of course, it will not be punished, it will not be perceived as criminal activity, if someone says that there were Polish perpetrators. Just like the Jewish perpetrators, just like the Russian perpetrators or Ukrainian - not just the Germans.’

Comment: I did not think that happenings were organized at such a conference. It turned out, however, that on one of the panels an Israeli journalist laughed at the testimonies of the Holocaust.
Well, he told the Polish prime minister that:
'I am a Jew who writes for the New York Times, so it is a personal matter for me. My parents were born in Poland, my mother received an award from the national education minister before the war, then the war began and some of her family died. they gave them to the Gestapo, and my mother saved some because she overheard the night talk, during which the Poles reported to the Gestapo ... After the war, my mother promised that she would never say a word in Polish.'

I personally believe that the mocking of the Holocaust is not at the level, even if their "perpetrator", using the code of Prime Minister Morawiecki, is a Jew from Israel. I also find the applause of a significant group in the hall, with its clearly anti-Semitic meaning in this context, incomprehensible.
Returning to the alleged mockery of Ronen Bergman.
Primo, nothing is known about the minister of national education in 1938-1939 giving prizes to children in nurseries or in kindergartens. Unless he visited Bergman privately and awarded a three-year-old with patting the head for reciting a poem in Polish or Yiddish;
Secundo, how could a 5-year-old hear eavesdropping on the Gestapo? If she was in the police station, she had to be there on special rights. If she heard the denunciation, why did not she immediately notify the rest of the family, only part of it? Why did she just survive with a part of the family? Who saved her?
The Gestapo immediately collected all Jews, including Poles, who provided them with hospitality after such denunciation. The Germans were not stupid and reacted very quickly, because refugees from the ghetto often changed their place of refuge.

I think that without unnecessary fantasies, Ronen Bergman will reveal the real circumstances of this case, because, for now, he gave the alleged Holocaust testimonies a deceitful character.


Devils, angels and the hell of war

In 1939, the military roller of the Third Reich crushed the Polish state. The Polish army was destroyed, and all state structures were liquidated or captured. Poland before II. The world war was a multinational state. Citizenship in Poland was held by: Poles 70%, Ukrainians 14%, Jews 9%, Belarusians 3%, Germans 2%, others or no citizenship 3%. The ethnic distribution of the population was not even. The vast majority of Ukrainians and Byelorussians lived in the eastern borderlands of the conquered territory of Poland, while in the west of the country - Germans. Almost every tenth citizen of pre-war Poland was a Jew. The smallest number of Jews inhabited the regions bordering on Germany, the most in central Poland, in Volhynia and Polesie.

Ethnic tensions in pre-war Poland existed, but never became commonplace. For example, Poles and other nations accused Jews of dominating the medical profession, so the government tried to limit their recruitment to these studies. At that time, Jews and contesting Polish intelligentsia protested loudly against such legal swindles. In the east, the nascent national consciousness of Ukrainians and Ruthenians often pushed them to acts of terror. The peaceful cohabitation of nationality in Poland at that time may not have been model in contemporary liberal categories, but against the background of totalitarian neighbors, it may be considered as such.

The Third Reich, entering Poland by force, turned the existing order upside down. Poles were massively murdered from the first days of occupation in hastily organized tortures. Some former Polish citizens of German descent also took part in this by creating a peculiar V Column. Speaking excellent Polish, having lived here for centuries, even having melted into one community, now gave out hiding Poles to the political police Gestapo, condemning them to torment and inevitable death. It was similar in the east of the country, where the Stalinist NKVD stepped in, in which the determinant Jews constituted the dominant role of the staff. The supporters of the denunciators found the NKVD among the numerous Jewish population there. The denunciatory role of the fall of the Polish uprising of 1863 against tsarist Russia and the assault of Leninist-Stalinist hordes from 1920 was repeated. This collaboration led to the deportation of tens of thousands of Poles into Siberian backwoods, from which someone rarely came back. The agents looted the property themselves.

I had written before about the biblical testimony of Emanuel Ringelblum and about the extent of Jewish collaboration with the apparatus of repression of the Third Reich. I do not want to judge these collaborators, but unfortunately it is a fact that they were an important tool for extermination. When the Nazis brutally crushed the resistance of Poles, they set about industrial murdering of Jews. Systemic and systematic. It is true that the final decisions regarding Auschwitz were made after the conquest of Poland, but I think that most of the concepts of genocide had been devised much earlier. When the German occupiers hung out posters about the collection of Jews, the majority of the Jewish population obediently headed to places of assembly, squares or suburbs. Most initially did not even suspect the later massacre, because "Germany is such a cultural nation."

The period of the war in Poland did not resemble the attitude of the German Nazis against civilians of the French, Belgians, or American or English captives at all. German Nazis behaved here like brutal masters of life and death. Every Pole, Jew, Belorussian, and in a later phase of the II. War - Russian, could die at any time at home or on the street. An example is a scrap of my own family history. My father bought a Ford taxi together with his friend before the war. At the beginning of the German occupation he continued to work as a taxi driver. One day a drunken German, a bauer from Rypin, came out of a nearby pub. He was completely drunk, but not so much that he did not notice that an elderly Pole coming from the opposite direction did not take off his hat to give him due honor as a German. He turned him over to the pavement and kicked him with all his strength. He would have tortured him to death if my "wacky" father, then 30, did not jump and did not 'calm' the 'bauer' down. Today, the court would certainly treat that as transgression of necessary defense. At that time, however, the Poles did not have any weapons or institutions to defend them. Then he had to flee a few hundred kilometers to Lublin, because heavy beating of a German was considered a crime against a citizen of the Reich. Noose on the neck and that's it.

When I hear about the responsibility of the Polish nation for crimes of the Third Reich, it is the blood of my Father's reflex which awakens in me, and I would gladly slaughter the mendacious muzzle claiming such things. Regardless of whether he is a European, American or Israeli politician. Neither all Poles nor Jews are or were angels. Let us not, however, make devils of each other, for the time for that will come after the longest, let's hope, peaceful life.


Jewish blackmailers

The stupidest campaign of Israel and some "world" Jewish circles in the last fifty years has been the campaign of claims-denigration aimed against Poles. It was intended to "soften" the victim with accusations of collaboration with Nazi Germany in the process of exterminating Jews, and then extorting several dozen (say $ 60 billion) of dollars as a debt for the property of the murdered Jews, the so-called ‘non-hereditary’ property.

The first paradox is that beneficiaries of this rain of gold would be mainly ghetto police or their descendants, and a crowd of American Jews who did not move their finger to help their European countrymen when in the 1930s the fascists expelled them from Germany and then murdered them in their concentration camps. The vast majority of those who deserved compensation for the wrongs of the German occupation unfortunately, did not survive. Including 3 million Jews and two million Poles.

The second paradox is the fact that Jews were the most active blackmailers, or denunciators of Jews. Operating in bandages of cutthroids, as well as individually. The most famous chronicler of the Warsaw ghetto, Emanuel Ringelblum, wrote about the Jewish police, which was not mentioned even once in the "scientific work" of Jan Gross: "The Jewish police had a very bad opinion before deportation, unlike the Polish police who did not participate in round-ups to the labor camp, the Jewish police were engaged in this hideous work, and were also distinguished by terrible corruption and demoralization, but it did not reach the base of depravity until the time of displacement, and there was not a word of protest against the repulsive function of leading their brothers to the slaughter. The police was spiritually prepared for this dirty work, which is why they eagerly did it. The brain is now trying to solve the mystery: how did it happen that the Jews - mostly the intelligentsia, the lawyers (most of the officers were advocates before the war) - handed themselves to the destruction of their brothers. How it came to that the Jews were dragging on carts of children and women, old and sick, knowing that everyone was going to slaughter. (...) Victims who disappeared from the eyes of a German, were caught by Jewish policemen (...). The Jewish police gave evidence of incomprehensible, savage brutality. Where did such fury come from our Jews? When did we raise so many hundreds of killers who catch children in the streets, hurl them on carts and pull them to the Umschlag? These robbers threw women on carts by their hands and feet - that was a common phenomenum (...). Every Jewish Jew, every woman and child can cite thousands of facts of the inhuman cruelty and rage of the Jewish police" (E. Ringelblum:" Chronicle of the Warsaw Ghetto September 1939 - January 1943 ", Warsaw 1988, pp. 426, 427, 428).

The Nazis are pleased that the extermination of Jews is carried out with all the necessary effectiveness. This action is carried out by Jewish slaughterers (...). The Jewish police are the cruelest of the convicts (...). The Nazis are satisfied with the work of the Jewish police, this plague of the Jewish organism (...). Yesterday, the third of August, they slaughtered the streets of Zamenhof and Pawia (...). The SS killers stood guard, while the Jewish police worked in the courtyards. It was a carnage in the right style - they did not have mercy even for children and babies (JR Nowak - "Niewiniątka" from the Judenrats, cf. "Scroll of Agony. The Warsaw Diary of Chaim A. Kaplan", New York 1973, p. 384 , 386, 389, 399). On p. 231 of his book Kaplan quotes the bitter Jewish joke of that time. It had the form of a short prayer: "Let us fall into the hands of gentile agents, but do not let us fall into the hands of a Jewish agent." (More:
And now a signal has been given that it is time to rob the Gentiles on the Vistula. In Warsaw, which was rebuilt by the entire Polish nation from the ruins of the German occupation. In other cities, towns and villages where Polish Gentiles laboriously lifted the economy from scratch. I think that the originators of the Concern "Holocaust" completely, but quite completely, lost their minds. Maybe not quite, because from old friends from Berlin and the surrounding area, Polish Gentiles dare demand reparations for the destruction and massacres during the Nazi occupation. Maybe it's a helping hand above the divisions?


Polish-Jewish genes

The relations of the Polish and Jewish nation have lasted for at least the last millennium. Jewish merchants and craftsmen migrated to Poland, especially when Europe or Russia was engulfed by anti-Judaic craze. In Poland, apart from local incidents, Jews could create, get rich and develop for dozens of generations. In turn, Poles from modern times pilgrimage to Jerusalem and visited the Holy Land, admittedly, after the exodus of the majority of the Jewish population living there.

Genetically speaking, contemporary Poles have a significant admixture of Lithuanian, Russian, Nordic, Germanic, Mongolian, Armenian and Ashkenazic haplotypes. They are so mixed up, that is why Poles present the genetic mix extremely uniform compared to other nationalities. This was connected with peaceful settlement from the beginning of settling in Europe, to the invasions of nomadic tribes, and then to the conquests and alliances of the rulers. The richer distributed the genes thanks to power and the power of money, the poor invested by spawning numerous offspring.

In terms of the homogeneity of the genetic "suit", Jews and Poles are similar. It's just that the Ashkenez Jews come from 350 ancestors from around 700-800 years ago. Their cultural and religious community isolated them in a natural way from the Christianized population, which did not prevent, however, that many Jews have features (and genes) typical of Poles or Germans, and vice versa. Research has shown, among others, that about 12.7% of Ashkenazi Jews have Eu19 chromosomes, occurring among 60% of Slavs from Eastern Europe. Israeli, Khazar and Polish roots are therefore much more common than indicated by religious or cultural identification. Gene transmission has, more often than we think, a cross-cultural character. It was usually true, though hidden, love that decided.

One should realize that even such different communities as Poles and Jews actually have many common features. Indeed, Palestinians have an almost identical genotype with the population of Jewish origin. This is the crown argument that mainly egoistic ideologies are responsible for the divisions between people. It is worth remembering, especially now, against the interests of Israel and numerous Jewish communities, the fork was made of a needle in propaganda.


Jews as a logistic problem 

Jair Lapid, a prominent Israeli politician (…) and the head of the party Yesh Atid, argues that there were "Polish extermination camps", and Poles are complicit in the extermination of Jews, including members of his family. "Why did camps operate in Poland? Because the Germans knew that at least part of the local community would help them".
In a column for the Times of Israel, he also referred to his personal story. "Heremiona, my father's mother, was arrested by the Germans in Serbia, sent to Auschwitz where she died in a gas chamber, why did she have to go that long to reach her death?" Why did most of the camps operate in Poland? Because the Germans knew that at least part of Polish society will cooperate with them "- he argues (news.onet).

To Mr. chairman Jair Lapid,

I don’t know where you acquired your knowledge concerning Hitler Germany from, but I am afraid that it was from gutter press. German concentration camps were located not only in Poland, but also in the area of many contemporary European countries. Besides Germany, on the territory of Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Macedonia.

Will you accuse all these nations of readiness for mass cooperation with Germany? If only the Polish nation, then that meets the definition of defamation from Nazi motives. If all these nations, then you are just crazy.

You will find an answer why, among others, Auschwitz was chosen for exterminating Jews on Wikipedia, for example: ‘Facing organizational problems, high costs and psychological problems in executioners, due to such numerous executions, already in 1941, and more widely from 1942, selected institutions began to be prepared for the new method of mass extermination. Whole systems of gas chambers and crematories were installed, which served for murdering and burning thousands of corpses everyday – mainly Jews. According to the plan for the extermination of Jews (the so-called Endlösung), whose technical details were adopted at the Wansee Conference on January 20, 1942, mass extermination of the Jewish population was carried out in selected camps. In the camps, the Germans also massacred en masse the Roma and Sinti.’ Therefore Hitler Germany treated the extermination of Jews as a complex logistic problem, guided by transportation costs and the technical issues of murder. They were also guided by the Wehrmacht soldiers’ morale issue, since some of them put up very badly with murdering defenseless people. The majority of gas chambers was designed on the territory of Poland conquered by Germany since plenty of Jews came from Poland. It did not pay to invest Marks in the gas chambers in Serbia, if it was cheaper to transport cattle cars to Auschwitz.

I therefore suggest reading the documentation of the above-mentioned Conference in Wansee, where the motives of the Nazi death machine were explained quite clearly. In these documents, Germany did not take into account any cooperation with the local Polish population, because Hitler perceived Poles as a deadly threat to the development of Lebensraum. Like European Jews.


dr Stanisław Jerzy Włodowski


contra Poland? 

The Sejm passed an amendment to the Act on the IPN - Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes Against the Polish Nation, according to which anyone who publicly or against the facts attributes to the Polish nation or the Polish state responsibility or co-responsibility for crimes committed by the Third German Reich or other crimes against humanity, peace and war crimes - will be subject to a fine or imprisonment of up to three years. The same punishment applies for "grossly undermining the responsibility of the actual perpetrators of these crimes."
Yesterday during the commemoration of the 73rd anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the ambassador of Israel, Anna Azari, called for a change in this amendment. She stressed that "Israel treats it as a possibility of punishment for the testimony of the Holocaust survivors". (onet.wiadomości)

Comment: The absurdity of history is the arousing of a dispute, which of the two nations, Jews or Poles, was more affected by the crimes of the Nazis. The Jews fled to Poland from the Middle Ages before the pogroms in Europe. That's why before II War There were over 3 million of them. After the outbreak of the war, richer Jews fled to the Soviet Union or Western Europe, some were hidden by Poles. The rest was systematically placed by the Nazis in transit camps, they created ghettos in cities, and then they concentrated them in, for example, Auschwitz. It was a precisely planned logistics operation aimed at eliminating Jews and Roma, as well as Poles threatening or resistant to the Reich.

My maternal grandfather, Stanisław Franczak from Goraj Lubelski, was hiding a Jewish woman in his barn in a specially prepared excavation covered with a plank cover on which he set up a machine for cutting horse chaff for masking. The cellar in the barn was created to hide some grain from the invader's contributions, but when the deportation of Jews started, he decided to hide a Jewish friend there. He pushed this small machine away at night so that my grandmother Ania could give her food. Once the scheme was almost blown away, because during the inspection of the barn's collections, a German policeman sensed an empty space beneath the hatch, but my feisty grandmother managed to distract him when she offered him a schnapps. Just in case he remembered it the next day, the woman was carried out the same night to grandma's relative's house, I do not remember exactly, I think he was called Malec or Oleszek. The house stood next to a Catholic cemetery. What truly matters is that the Jewish woman survived the war and left for Israel. It is also very important that this gesture could cost the whole family's life, because the terror in occupied Poland was nothing like the relations in occupied France, Belgium and the Netherlands. For hiding Jews in Poland, they were in danger of being shot or sent to a death camp at Majdanek or at Auschwitz. It is important, especially for me, that my grandmother's, Ania's, trick saved my future mother, Danka. At the end, one more important issue, grandfather Stanisław did not take any payment, not even symbolic, from the hidden woman. He was a very honorable man.

I write about it because I often "pulled out" such memories from my parents or grandparents. They did not hide or boast about it. I got the impression that they treated it as one of the series of traumatic episodes from their lives, as they found themselves immediately under another occupation, this time the Soviet, during which their lives were also threatened. Let me just mention that, shortly after the arrival of the Red Army, a Kamandir wanted to shoot grandpa Stanisław for the fact that before the war he was the mayor of Goraj, and he spoke Russian to well (spy, probably). And he was fluent, because he had once been recruited from the conscription of the tsarist army, where he served as a quartermaster in the regiment. Neither have grandparents come up with the idea of applying for some reparation, for example from Israel or its Yad Vashem. They died later, as unnamed Poles for the world, with only several people knowing that they had saved the life of a young Jewish woman.

Israelis are afraid that their testimonies could expose them to possible legal repression. It may turn out that based on the testimonies of other people, it will be possible to accuse them of confessing false, erroneous or alleged facts. The truth about the Holocaust, like the truth about polocaust, can have different faces. The American historian Dr. Bryan Mark Rigg estimates that at least 150,000 Jews and Germans with Jewish roots served in the Wermacht. Many of them served in it, hiding their origin. Rigg estimates that there were at least 6,000 such people. He documented 71 cases himself. There are 22 officers in this group, and even several Waffen-SS soldiers! (quoted for Jewish uniformed policemen, the so-called "odemans" (from the Ordnungsdienst - OD), hanged Jews and Poles following German orders (see the testimony of Dr. Dawid Schlang, son of Aron and Anna). As it is estimated today, there were over 50,000 of them in occupied Poland. After the war they and their families scattered around the world. Perhaps they even received compensation as victims of the Holocaust, of which they were accomplices. And perhaps they also spread hatred towards Poles and Jews who testified to the truth.

Thus, the evil that spilled over Europe had a very complex form, because the population subject to the Nazi "Lords" lived in a state of extreme, inhuman oppression. It is a pity that those who did not survive the Holocaust cannot give their testimony, because it would be the most credible.


A note of uncertainty 

RIA Novosti writes that recently, Paweł Brzezicki, head of Polish Sea Sailing announced in Radio Szczecin that ships bearing the names ‘Lviv’, ‘Tarnopil’ and ‘Vilnius’, therefore of cities that were within our country’s borders in the past, might be added to the fleet.
The agency emphasized that Polish nostalgia over Kresy – lands currently owned by Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania – ‘has always aroused anxiety of its neighbors’: ‘And, while on an official level Polish officials repeatedly declared that there are no territorial claims towards other countries, Warsaw’s practical actions signified an undeniable sadness over former lands’. (onet.wiadomości)

Comment: Nowadays, Poland has three real points of support.
Firstly, Germany – under the guise of European Union. A positive point of this alliance is Germany’s strong economy and good old patterns of organizing work, respect for science and culture of everyday life. The negatives are: crypto-authoritarian political system, "colonizing" the economy of a weaker partner, striving to establish obedient governments in European countries, rapidly increasing index of demanding Islamic population, lack of compensation for the Polocaust in the Second World War, and a relic of post-Hitler law - withdrawing the minority status of Polish population in Germany.

Second, the United States and the United Kingdom. The positive are the traditions, that is Pułaski, Kosciuszko, Polish squadrons defending London, American support for Poland's borders after the First World War, the large contribution of Poles to the demographic and economic map of the United States, and now Great Britain, the opportunity for investment and cooperation in defense issues. The negatives are: engaging Poland in the (military) global policy of the United States, mixing (similarly to Germany) the US liberal lobby into Warsaw's personal policy, treating Poland exclusively by US corporations as a market.

Thirdly, Russia, which, under the authoritarian rule of Vladimir Putin, was again raised from his knees. This country is a bit like a Roly-poly toy, falls and arises from the ashes. The Tatars conquered it, a Polish hetman once resided in the Moscow Kremlin, and Napoleon would have stayed longer there had it not been for the Russian severe winter. It was also conquered by the international band of leftists for several decades, which, in revenge for halting their expansion to Europe in 1920, a quarter of a century later took away Vilnius and Lviv from Poland. This bunch had nothing to do with Christian communism, or utopian or democratic socialism, other than its sign and a handful of worn-out cliches.
What would be the benefits of the alliance with Russia (on a partnership basis): restoration of trade relations, mutual industrial investments, better prices for fuels, significant tourism development, weapons for decent money, cultural exchange, unblocking historical and "Smolensk" trauma, sense of security. Negatives are known: uncertainty of stable development of the political system, instability of segments of the Russian economy, and finally Moscow's involvement in world conflicts. For today, the alliance is unreal. However, there remains a note of uncertainty for tomorrow, especially in the light of the aggression carried out by Germany with the help of its "kreatur" (Richelieu) in the European Union.

Returning to the nostalgic naming of ships, then I would not see anything wrong with it, as long as it does not offend the feelings of other nations. If we called the ship "Polish Kremlin" or "Polish Lviv", it would be a reference to the historical truth, though unpleasant for some Russian or Ukrainian patriots. Just like the name of the German icebreaker "Stettin" for Poles. However, in this third case, apart from the linguistic "grudge", there is no question of any German annexing the currently Polish Szczecin. Thus, the Russian agency Novosti is unnecessarily worried about whether honoring the citizens of Lviv, Tarnopil, or Vilnius, for centuries associated with Poland, does not mean the intention of annexing these cities. We might as well demand the return of Berlin or Leipzig, to the Slavic matrix ... (sjw)

14.01.2018 Second Edition – the lawlessness of energy companies. Pt.1

On a sunny July morning of 2017, a postman arrived and handed me a lawsuit from the so-called EPU in Lublin for unpaid electricity bills. The petition was accompanied by the relevant decision of the e-Court. While reading further into the document, my amazement was rising higher and higher, because for energy, reluctantly, but I paid bandit prices disproportionate to alms on account of retirement pension.
Further on were the facts. It turned out that Mrs. Debt Collector reminded me in writing, urged me, and I was like a rock, going no and no! No wonder that the High e-Court issued a decision. And thus it is time for a debt collector, and perhaps some inquisition!

So I headed over to the Energa-Obrót branch in Toruń, where I was treated very nicely and got on phone with a debt collection consultant in the Gdańsk Headquarters. When I explained that I pay fairly regularly, after a while it turned out that the debt concerns energy consumption in the last quarter of 2015 and in 2016 in my former apartment, where from 4.09.2015 payments were formally taken over by the new owner. After consultations with a senior consultant, the lady apologized to me for the mistake and assured me that the debt collection will be immediately withdrawn. All I have to do is wait and very soon, by 28 July at the latest, I will receive the appropriate message.

However, my trust has its limitations and I called again on July 24th. And this time I was given the term 28.07 as a decision term. I admit that then a red warning light came on me, because on July 26th was the appeal deadline term, ie the submission of the so-called opposition in the EPU. I logged in to the e-Court's website, I was given access to the file and I was left to send that objection. In the evening of the 26th I already had a document and I had to establish electronic communication with the e-Court. If the previous entry to the EPU website and obtaining subsequent certifications was problem-free, then in the case of the signature in the e-Court I had the so-called barrier. I approached it in several ways, as a computer guide for 30 years. No effect. From various computers and laptops, with different software, using various internet communicators, with the latest java configured accordingly. All according to official and unofficial instructions. Unfortunately, the e-Court system clearly ignored me. And without this, I could not send the letter electronically.
Deprived of a direct formal path, I decided to appear on the indirect way of "legal aid" of the e-Court to establish real facts in "my" case. I sent an e-mail to the secretariat of the Court in Lublin, where I indicated that I could not send an objection on time, and at the same time I made a statement about the facts. Among others about the new owner, signing the contract with Energa 2 times in 2015 and 2016, where he had his correspondence address. Well, and the fact that a reputable law firm from Wroclaw who is engaged in debt collection lies to the e-Court by giving false information that effectively warned me and encouraged me, because I have not seen any invoices or letters from the debt collector beforehand.

Here we note the first positive step, because after changing the referendary in my (?) case I could send an objection to the electronic court the traditional way (!) by post and after some time the opposition was acknowledged. However, if anyone thinks that we're ending this case with a happy end, that's a big mistake. Because the Matrix never lets go. Neither change in governments nor ministers have anything to do with it.

To be continued.

Your correspondent in matrix-pl


Pandemic of muslimosis

Explaining the terms
Pandemics (from Greek pan = everyone, demos = people) is epidemics of a contagious disease in various environments, on a large area – different continents at the same time.

Muslimosis (from Arabic Muslim = one who submits (to God)) is a contagious disease characterized by metastasis of people and forcing this metastasis to happen. It doesn’t mean metastasizing the native people of Europe to Islamic countries, but the opposite. Language purists may note that ‘islamistosis’ would be more adequate, seeing as an Islamist is a follower of a political doctrine called Islamism, which is responsible, among others, for the most aggressive metastases of the disease. Against this designation speaks the fact that it’s not the Islamists who metastasize human masses to Europe, but such migration politicians like Soros and Merkel.

If an organism or its individual social tissue are weakened by a crisis of national awareness, corruption and the prostitution of corporations, local governments and politicians, low birthrate, alcoholism, drug addiction, disintegration of social bonds, it creates a perfect environment for the epidemics of muslimosis. At first, the disease develops in a practically latent way. Only from time to time does an attack happen, paralyzing the will to act of the assaulted groups. Afterwards, gradually, local epidemies transform into pandemics and then, for example for the leaders of the European Unions, there remains only crisis management. Of course, there exist strains of muslim that do not exhibit aggressive tendencies, but it depends, to some extent, on the percentage representation of Islam followers. If we are dealing with, for example, the Salafi strain, then minor problems being to emerge at 1-3 percent (robbery attacks on passerbies or drivers stopping at the lights, slitting throats of random passerbies, driving over a crowd of infidels and so on). Above 5, and especially 10 percent, we encounter threats terrorizing not only the population and local order forces, but also the local government. Especially the latter, after being infected by muslimosis, acts like Islam neophytes and exterminates every display of externalizing Christian religiousness.

The so-called reverse migration, that is sending back the migrating to their country of origin, gives the best results. They can be sent back for:
- the lack of invitation or permission to stay, because, so far, not a single international convention compells to accept immigrants;
- assimilation disagreement, migrants rejecting the cultural, ethnic or religious heritage of the given country. If the cultural characteristics of refugees is non-complementary and stands out like a sore thumb in the country that accepted the migrants, then great harm is done to the local European population.
- voluntary agreement, paying a certain amount of compensation, which has been recently adopted by the Federal Republic of Germany.

An alternative solution would be further cumulation of refugees in Europe, with the informal consent of EU’s dominators, which currently are chancellor Angela Merkel and president Emmanuel Macron. It seems that an informal (secret?) agreement has already been concluded in this matter. Financing this Pact requires annually over 50 billion Euro, therefore the necessary funds will have to be collected from the EU funds, particularly from the Polish, Czech or Hungarian pot, because it will be more difficult to steal from German or French farmers. Hence the sanction idea, under the pretext of ‘examining the law and order’ in Poland, strongly supported by useful idiots and inheritors of the Nazi Stepan Bandera from the former elites, removed from power two years ago in Warsaw. Frau Angela and one of the successors of the French Empire’s boss grab handfuls of inspiration from a certain vociferous German chancellor, who also desired to impose his own model of law and order on Poles.

If an European Tribunal for Eurojihad isn’t created as soon as possible, resembling the Tribunal in Hague, and the organizers of Muslimosic pandemics aren’t accused in front of it, then the prognosis for European population is bad. Even terrible. Europe is crying, Europe is moaning in pain. Is it still able to fight for the sake of future generations’ fate? Poles saved Europe from the Islamic invasion in the battle of Vienna in 1683. Do they still have to keep restoring Europe’s conscience, degraded to the ethos of Euro?


The fall of liberal media

Jonny Daniels, president of From the Depths Foundation, has issued a notice on a racism and discrimination propagation crime during the Independence March, in the prosecutor’s office. – As a proud Jew of Polish origin, I’m disgusted and ashamed that citizens of this country are capable of committing such shameful acts. I expect that the prosecutor will take action against those individuals, who have broken the law. – said Daniels, as quoted in the Foundation’s statement that was passed to the editorial office. (

Comment: When I first saw Jonny Daniels with that photo, I thought that he was performing some kind of a happening, or that it is some tasteless way of promoting whisky.

However, let’s pass the microphone over to Polish internauts, who were moved by Jonny Daniels’ voice. I quote with minor abbreviations, ‘as it comes’, because it gives quite an accurate depiction of the opinions of Polish youth:

~Adamant in truth: Hahaha... There is a slogan on the banner saying ‘Clean blood. Sober mind’ and SXE and XXX marks... it is the motto of international movement called Straight Edge… It’s a subculture deriving from post-punk counterculture propagating healthy lifestyle choices, vegetarianism, rejection of drugs, alcohol, prostitution and propagating life protection, pro life stance…

~Neophyte: This is Poland, mr. Daniels! One should not be making a fortune on the anti-Semitic tone here anymore! That time is already over! You came to the wrong place! Clean blood is Polishness! The same as, mr. Daniels, clean Jewish blood! Jews cherish their clean blood!! The same as Poles, neophytes !! I don’t see anything scandalous in that! Poland is protecting itself in the same way as Jews are protecting themselves in Palestine!

~Dana: It wasn’t a nationalist-only march. Polish citizens were going there. Various people. Everybody wanted to say something. There were also those who thought that it was only a ‘parade’. A clever government observes the people. Doesn’t beat it with batons. Those who break the law will have to take responsibility.

~Adamant in truth to ~Tomasz: It wasn’t us who gave out November and January uprisers, it wasn’t us who occupied mansions of those that were transported away to Siberia, it wasn’t us rising the rents in their own tenements, it wasn’t us forcing workers to labor like animals in their factories in industrial Łódź, it wasn’t us giving out Polish combatants from 1920 to Soviets after 17th 1939, it wasn’t us killing with a shot to the back of the head when the communist authorities were establishing their rule.

~jack: Where is this racism in those words? I offer the explanation of those banners: ‘Clean blood, clean mind’ refers to the Straight edge philosophy (SE, sXe), propagating abstinence from drugs and alcohol, which means ‘being clean’. In everyday speech one can say that they are ‘clean’, which means they don’t take psychoactive substances. Anyway, there are references to the movement on the side of the transparent (sxe). I interpret the second transparent ‘Europe will be white or uninhabited’ in a metaphorical sense. The color white symbolizes resurrection, moral cleanliness. – so ‘Europe will be morally clean (returns to its values) or it will depopulate.’ – Hard not to apply this to politics promoting abortion, euthanasia and so on. Not a shade of racism here!

~Peer:  Germans didn’t put this much of dough through Konrad Adenauer’s Foundation so that such a good gift be wasted by a government change in Poland. It is apparent from their statements that they treat Poland like their colonial possession.

~relians: after recent riots in Brussels one senator more or less expressed a following opinion: Europe imports the Third World and is going to become the third world. Logical. This is also a racist opinion. Insanity after insanity.

~year '66: Today’s survey shows that Poles want to be the host in the country they live in. No German or Swedish will tell us what opinions to have and how to live.

In conclusion, if we want to convince those young people to think differently we have to show some intellect. It is not enough to call them fascists and nazis, because, with full confidence 98-99% of Polish youth doesn’t possess such an inclination. We can only wish other countries such a result! Besides, I confirmed that in my own research in 80’s and 30 years later. It is truly saddening that the currently medially engaged Jews did not fulfill their huge chance, to not antagonize Poles against themselves. More so that a foul smell of Stockholm syndrome towards Islam terrorists emanates from this case, and as it turned out, the big titles of liberal worlds slavishly copy fake news from Al-Jazeera, and their propagandists lack basic knowledge. Vide poor Jonny Daniels...


White Europe? 

During the Independence March yesterday in Warsaw held annually to celebrate the national holiday, a group of young people joined the parade of tens of thousands of people with Polish flags with banners ‘White Europe’, ‘Europe will be white or uninhabited’. ‘White Europe of brotherly nations’. Comments by Polish journalists and politicians on these incidental occurrences in the sea of a sixty-thousand demonstration, were quite emotional. Some of them stated that it was an act of deliberate provocation by liberal leftists, others that we are seeing the beginnings of neofascism, and some others appealed that the police should have reacted by tearing those banners out from their hands. The Minister of President’s office Paweł Mucha stated that we ‘must not call thousands of Polish patriots, who took part in the march, Nazis’, due to a few ‘impermissible’ banners. Mucha stressed at the same time that people who were presenting such banners should take legal responsibility. He reminded that promoting fascist slogans is
illegal in Poland.

And what did our friends from the US write about this case?

Based on a squib of an Al Jazeera associate Natalia Ojewska, someone called Drew Hinshaw has written an alarming article in ‘The Wall Street Journal’ stating that ‘Tens of thousands of Polish people marched this Saturday in Warsaw in a independence day march, organized by nationalist youth, who fights for an ethnically clean Poland, in which there are less Jews and Muslims’. Former spokesman of Hilary Clinton, Jesse Lehrich, goes further and writes of ’60 thousand Nazis marching in Warsaw’. And so, out of a nonsense from half-learned journalists, a statement in which a hundred or two hundred young people turned into 60 thousand Nazis was born, and a freelancer called Natalia Ojewska, previously unknown in Poland, even connected Jews to the case in order to get into guest columns of WSJ. Not to mention one has to be seriously messed up in the head to write about ethnically clean Poland with fewer Jews and Muslims. Firstly, no Pole will connect a Jew and a Muslim as one, and secondly, they prefer richer countries and create a very small representation in Poland, so fewer would mean zero. Thirdly, there is a far lesser number of anti-Jewish Poles in Poland than anti-Polish Jews in the US. An interesting occurrence, but a fact nevertheless.

And what does this mental-medial mess truly mean?

The reason for rebellions, religious wars, slaughters and mass-massacres is
intolerance directed towards at least one side of the conflict. There has been a menstrual influx of immigrants from Asia and Africa into Europe, of various factions of Islam. Miserable and worthy of compassion. They are completely different from those Muslims who have resided in Poland since centuries. They are radically hostile towards atheism and Christianity. For Islamic extremists a ‘disbeliever’ is trash, whom, according to Allah, he has a right to clean from the Earth, rape his wife and sexually exploit his children and drive them to work for him. Of course, in accordance with Quran, he shows this in adequate time and place, for example in the Islamic State.

The clash of liberal Europe with such Islamists has, for now, only demonstrated itself as local conflicts, only a mini-terror, therefore a terror on a scale corresponding to the means possessed by microcells of extremists. Using the terminology from American and western-European slums, it is a result of a huge prevalence of de-christianized or Christian ‘whites’ over the ‘black’ or ‘dark-skinned’. However, if this prevalence vanishes, whether as a result of migration or a panic-struck escape of ‘whites’ from districts populated by Muslims, then the same laws begin to function there as in the Islamic State. It is not without a reason that those who cannot afford separation from Islamized districts do not exactly reject the myth of peaceful coexistence with immigrants, but are actually afraid about their future and the fate of their families. All the more so that, as it has recently turned out, even long-lasting integration does not protect an Allah believer from ‘jihading’ at any stage of life, from youth to mature age.
And so, before our Polish Jews from New York’s liberal journals begin to stone us, just as some kind of harlots from Judea, they should think for a while who exactly pulled them into this fake news. A close associate of
Al Jazeera.


New Duda

During his speech at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, president Andrzej Duda incorrectly quoted the words of the second prime minister of II Republic of Poland, Jędrzej Moraczewski. - This is unacceptable. – comments the previous history and national heritage advisor of president Bronisław Komorowski, professor Tomasz Nałęcz. What is the issue? –A fragment from Moraczewski’s political brochure, dating back to late Spring of 1919, involved in a conflict of that time, because Moraczewski was already in the opposition back then. He put in Moraczewski’s mouth that it was that enthusiasm of 1918. No. Moraczewski wrote of the enthusiasm from 1918 (…) (

Comment: Quotes in political speeches live their own lives. Still great when we can attribute some kind of sense to them, not even saying about their author understanding them. Usually when it comes to works of philosophers, scientists and, generally, thinkers, we can find many formulas applicable to the common language.
Let’s take the infamous ‘cogito ergo sum’. How can we interpret this?
1. In the most popular sense – thinking is a sign, a symptom of existence.
But interpretation may vary.
2. ‘Thinking allows me to exist’. Therefore, through not thinking we not only forfeit consciousness, but also the essence of our human existence.
3. ‘If I think then it is possible that I truly exist.’ Therefore, if I think, then maybe I’m not just a virtual computer being or a form of Platonic ideas.
To phrase it differently, if I think then I represent some kind of form (not strictly a physical one) of being. This is probably how celestial beings reason, at least that is how I imagine it in my agnostic mind…

In my opinion, there are other pressing objections to be directed towards president Andrzej Duda from public relations’ point of view.
1. The gentle kind of communication, typical for an intellectualist from Jagiellonian University has been replaced by a ‘Lenin-type’ rally style. Perhaps it was meant to adorn him with epaulets of a leader of the people, but I’m afraid that characterologically speaking, it is like a square peg in a round hole. At any rate it significantly sways from the president’s acting predispositions. Basically everybody can play a brutal boor, but most of the time this process requires longer education.
2. The unvarying, constantly pasted-on smile, whether the president is telling a joke or talking about genocide, does not harmonize with this style, at all. I understand that the PR experts assigned to Mister President have succeed to warm up his not really active mimicry, but, unfortunately, it brings up a sense of incredibility in the recipient. It keeps emitting conflicting signals, for example when the smile accompanies descriptions of martyrdom or expressing compassion. This is the price of fake hooting, because the speaker often loses control over voice modulation and other elements of facial expressions and the subtleties of gesturing.

It reminds me of one episode from a famous TV show ‘Monk’ who was fired from police due to numerous phobias. He suffered and was being tormented by those phobias, but despite this his genial analytical talent allowed him to find every single thing that the routine of police apparatus failed to detect. And one day he received miraculous meds that freed him from the fears that had been tormenting him. This brought upon a whole sequence of wrong choices for Monk, as he lost his incredible abilities in the euphoria, and the excessive optimism almost led him to bankruptcy. Fortunately, his friends took the meds away and Monk returned to his ‘usual’. Because a ‘mental norm’ is a state of internal balance, which allows us to function in an optimal way. After all, we don’t have to mimic extreme sportsmen and constantly drugged managers and politicians.
That is why I would like to put forth a warning against excessive interference in the presented social personality, since a PR miracle-maker, who, most of the time, hasn’t delved too deep neither into psychology, nor neurophysiology, can unintentionally give birth to a true Frankenstein.



A german politician, in her recent interview with ZDF television, stated that her children had studied in Poland as part of the Erasmus exchange, during the time of government change. – We must support this healthy democratic resilience of the young generation of Poland – stressed von der Leyen, according to PAP’s quote. – It is our duty to maintain the discourse, to argue with Poland and Hungary – she emphasized. – Therefore, I do not think that we are to advance in smaller groups, but we most continuously try to drag along the whole Europe with us. – added the head of defense department. (

Comment: The strong reaction of Polish government representatives to the words of German minister is fully justified. It has been known for a long time that the Federal Republic supports neoliberal groups in Poland with its all might, seeing as they were guaranteeing unlimited economic influence, domination over the media and, generally speaking – not only political domination over Poland by Germany. Nowadays, Germans are trying to restore the influence that has been forfeited after the elections two years ago. Paradoxically, these attempts remind me more of the offensive of Soros’ ‘camps’ on Kiev Maidan, rather than a dialogue between sovereign countries. And allies in NATO and EU to boot.
The ‘innocent’ speech of mrs. Von der Leyen fits this scenario, as it is supposed to pour comfort into the soul of collapsing opposition in Poland. She suggest that the Federal Republic will not let go and will continue tormenting the Polish government, probably with threats and sanctions in the EU, if it doesn’t begin to obediently follow the new German Empire.

Poland has recently experienced such an example of dictate and despect from Kiev, albeit on a lower level. As it turned out, the Ukrainian party blocks all Polish initiatives on commemorating the victims of Volynia genocide on Poles. Committed under the flags of Ukrainian nationalist organizations in the year 1943 and following. At the same time the process of making a hero of the contemporary Ukrainian nation out of leaders of this genocide – Stepan Bandera, the leader of death divisions UPA Roman Shuhevych and many other lesser ones does not cease. As a response, the head of Polish Ministry of Defense Witold Waszczykowski has announced a correction of Polish politics towards Ukraine in the context of the issue of historical truth. He informed that people who ‘present an extremely anti-Polish attitude’ will have problems crossing Polish borders.

While Germany’s minister’s speech, self-explanatory to the opposition towards the government of Prawo i Sprawiedliwość, wore unofficial feathers, almost turning into a show, the oligarchic Ukraine does limit itself in choosing means to contest Poland. Arousing anti-Polish attitude serves the same purpose as ‘pumping up’ hatred towards Russians, in compliance with historic archetypes of nationalist movements in Ukraine. It is simply a way to strengthen the corrupted oligarchic system of power on the basis of consolidating the Ukrainian society around the bank of nazi ideas. And so, the modern politics of the Ukrainian government is a continuation of that which was sparked by Bandera and Shuhevych. For Poles these surnames mean exactly the same thing as Adolf Eichmann means for Jews, or ‘chemical Ali’, general Al-Majid, for Kurds.

And then we are surprised that, same as in a fairytale-poem by Ignacy Krasicki called ‘Friends’, ‘…And so it was that later, as all the trying failed, / The dogs ate up the little hare, surrounded by his friends.’ Unfortunately the current government of Poland has to consider both the government of chancellor Merkel, and the traditional ally of Germany, namely the government of Ukrainian oligarchs, as such a type of sincere friends. I’m afraid that this isn’t only about chasing the hare, because Nazi social games, unfortunately far too often tend to get out of control.


State terror of Federal Republic

We would wish to avoid court proceedings, but we will likely not have a choice – says Ariel Żuławski in Wirtualna Polska, the owner of the truck that was used in the terrorist attack in Berlin.(…) He states that he lost up to a hundred thousands Euro and doesn’t rule out the possiblity of turning to the court against Germans. – We would like to avoid this, but up to this point we’ve been hearing that we are not entitled to any more refunds. (

Comment: I dream about having something positive to write about the Federal Republic of Germany. For a single reason, to not write again and again in the same, negative tone. Unfortunately, nothing of such comes to my mind over the last ten years. The internal politics of Germany wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for external politics. And the second one is crazy, with only pretenses of sanity. Those pretenses are mainly personified by mrs. Chancellor Merkel, who makes a good household impression, and I suppose she had drawn the very best from her political training during the DDR. And this time I’m writing it unironically, because we learn best at the front lines. In Poland, colonel Kuklinski also evolved into an American spy, despite having graduated from Voroshilov’s Academy, that is the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of USSR. It had produced the absolutely best staff, which can be seen from Russia’s example. There’s the old true saying that indoctrination works only on moral weaklings. Neither the indoctrination of communist’ ‘Young Pioneers’, nor the one of equally communist FDJ, nor face-to-face – the one of Russian comrades broke through chancellor Merkel. In this regard I even feel some kind of a brotherly bond with mrs. Chancellor, since I too was never even slightly affected by communist indoctrination. The rightist too, but it seems that this doesn’t apply to mrs. Merkel.
However, let’s abandon personal matters, since the truth is that chancellor Merkel is the frontman, but political decisions are made by the collective. An identical scheme was in effect during communism, and before that in the Third Reich (let’s not believe that everything was done by Hitler), and the same scheme is in effect in painfully neoliberal Federal Republic. Contemporary neoliberalism does not reject, unlike its founding fathers, national preferences. It manipulates them. When it becomes convenient it lets in hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Muslims, to lower the working costs that have sprang due to low birthrate. And also to create a half-free competition to, still cheap, workforce from Central-Eastern Europe. Of course the public is indoctrinated by imponderable human rights, refugees with little children, while in reality 90 percent of transports, smuggled over from Turkish refugee camps, were made up of 20-30 year old males, of a quite truculent mannerism.

Behind the other side of the mirror that is FRG’s government, the same as in the mentality of many German managers, I perceive a panic-like fear of the economical dynamics of Central-Eastern European countries. For Poles, a flagship example would be Hans-Joachim Watzke, who fought like a lion to ensure that Poles will never earn more than Germans. I obviously mean Borrusia Dortmund and Robert Lewandowski. Now the Pole compensates for that in Bayern, but the bitter aftertaste remains. Governments of Germany, France and Benelux, in other words, the hard core of the Union, are frantically trying to damage the dynamics of Polish transportation services, and to impose wind energy on Poland, energetics of which are based on coal. What would fill German enterpreneurs’ wallets, and would cut the developing economical roots of Poland. And concerning that I’m an admirer of eco-theses being preached by chancellor Merkel. But I feel I have to honestly admit that ecological medicine can heal Germany, despite passing weakness, while, if we’re discussing Polish economy – block it for tens of years. An issue of impossible scale of transformation.

And what does the Polish businessman Ariel Żuławski has to do with that? Firstly, he works in the branch of Polish transporting services, a branch that the EU dominators is trying to fight off. Secondly, the driver and, at the same time, mr. Ariel’s cousin was killed in Berlin by a Jihadist, and the company truck with cargo was being detained by German police under the pretext of investigation. After four months it was directed for utilization. Maybe so that Polish investigators wouldn’t add it to their own inquiry?

And so, Ariel Żuławski’s small company almost went bankrupt. Due to an alleged investigation, because it doesn’t seem like, despite its long duration, it has led to any groundbreaking conclusions. One can say that Ariel Żuławski is the second victim of Berlin Jihadist, and also of the deceitful politics of Berlin’s government.


Spanish constitution and the funny Union standing astride

Rajoy’s central-rightist government has proposed last Saturday to – by the use of article 155 of Spanish constitution – remove the head of Catalonian government Carles Puigdemont from his post, and to dismiss his whole cabinet. The government in Madrid also want to limit Catalonian government’s function and, in six months, an annunciation of anticipatory elections in Catalonia, to bring back the constitutional order in this autonomous region, and to prevent secession.

The European Commission refused to comment on the Friday events in Barcelona. The spokeswoman of EC, Mina Andreewa, pointed towards previous declarations of the Commission. Earlier, on Friday, during the press briefing she reminded that the head of EC, Jean-Claude Juncker has repeatedly stated that the Catalonian independence issue is an internal concern of Spain. (

The problem is that several countries in Europe are facing the threat of disintegration on the background of national aspirations of self-determination. Beside Catalonians, there remain Basques, Scots, Little Russia, Bavaria, the Balkan confusion. This is caused by cultural differences and a feeling of injustice, that a nation is treated objectively and exploited by another nation or caste, dominating in a certain community. And so, Catalonians and Basques hate Castilians, Scots hate English people, Balkan nations hate all the others among themselves. Russian people called “Little Russians”, thrown by Stalin into a national kettle commonly called Ukraine, hate extremists from the Ukrainian Galicia, of a Nazi-ideological lineage. Of course this doesn’t exhaust the deep social divisions, which were additionally deepened by the invasion of ‘disintegrating’ Islamists, brought, like an Egyptian plague, by Europe’s dominating figures, mainly chancellor A. Merkel and president F. Hollande.
European Commision’s attitude is very symptomatic, as it cuts itself away from serious problems in Europe, and prefers to get involved in such marginal matters as disputes over the postcommunist-neoliberal constitution of Poland. Easier for them to bully Poles rather than Spanish people?



The German Union of the Banished (BdV) has judged Polish demands concerning reparations as lacking legal and moral substantiation. BdV chairman Bernd Fabritius has written in a published statement that demands put forward by PiS are a ‘deliberate provocation’. (…) ‘Our contemporary common history includes something greater than only the second world war initiated by the German and the Holocaust, by which Poland also suffered. It also includes the suffering of fleeing and banished Germans after the second world war. It also includes binding international-legal agreements since the end of the war until the good relations treaty, the German-Polish border treaty and Poland’s introduction into the EU – stressed Fabritius, a deputee of Bavarian CSU for Bundestag. (…)
German government spokesman Stefen Seibert said yesterday that the matter of claims has been ultimately settled, both in the legal and the political sense. (

Comment: Three major countries suffered the most as a result of the II World War, excluding China on the Far-East front. Poland – attacked by the Third Greater German Reich, Russia – having taken over nearly a half of Polish territory as a result of the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact, and finally Germany itself as the main aggressor, which intended to devour a prey too large. It learnt nothing from countless analogies of the animal world. One can say colloquially – an ineducable beast, but I will phrase it more gently – an individual of special social needs.

It is worth noting that this pact of Hitler and Stalin was meant to be more like a truce in the face of dividing the loot that had become the assaulted Poland. Two militarized totalitarianism simply decided temporarily that they were good neighbors. At the expense of the subdued Poland, where Germans and Soviets instantly and simultaneously initiated a nightmarish terror, pillage of national and private wealth, mass extermination and equally mass deportations. Germans entered Polish apartments and evicted families with little children out on the cold Autumn pavement.

According to present calculations Poland had lost around a trillion dollars, which is a rather underestimated sum, seeing as not every act of thievery can be documented after more than half a century has passed. And every fifth citizen of Poland, therefore a Jew, Pole, Ukrainian or Belarussian lost their life, sometimes with their whole family. These people never got to speak up for any kind of compensation.

In the context of holocaust of Polish Jews (3 millions) and polocaust of Poles (2.7 millions), and also wastage as a result of pillaging and war damage, German government’s refusal of Polish people’s rights to war reparations sounds grotesque and malevolent.

Since through this attitude the government of Germany admits in fact to:
- Third Reich’s impunity and its right to attack and totally destruct Poland and to exterminate Polish citizens;
Legal validity of Poland’s territory loss as a result of a war initiated by Germans;
- Deportations of German citizens after the Second war as an act of one-sided injustice allegedly caused by Poles;
- Negotiating a compensation for damage without bilateral reconciliation, when both Germany and Poland gained full sovereignty only after the year 1989.

Thus, Germany has unfortunately yet again forfeited its memory and sense of historical truth. Nowadays the acts of the Third Reich have transformed into an abstract concept in Berlin.

It is kept in silence that it was the agreements in Yalta and Teheran between Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin that preordained the matter of after-war borders. Due to reallocation of borders Poland lost a net size of 78 thousands square kilometers, a number bigger than the Bavaria area, and in the government’s rhetoric there’s a resounding that Poland had taken back its reparations by itself, in the form of German lands. Incidentally, completely cleared of anything that had any sort of value by the Red Army soldiers, who had also been occupying Poland. They stayed there until 1993 when the Soviet Union collapsed and Russia gazed into a retrospective mirror. A shame that such a mirror does not seem to be affordable for our German neighbors.


Historical chancellors of Germany

The first noteworthy chancellor of Germany was the nineteenth century ‘iron chancellor’ of German Empire Otto von Bismarck. He earned this name because he united the scattered German lands with bloodied iron. Since those lands belonged, in Polish opinion, partly to Poles, Bismarck organized a brutal Germanization and economic exploitation of them, with a heavy hand. Poland, conquered by humongous armies of Austrian, Prussian and Russian origin was torn asunder by its imperial neighbors in the nineteenth century. Every single of the invaders of Polish territories acted accordingly with Bismarck’s motto: ‘Beat Poles until they even doubt in life. I have strong pity for their situation, but if we wish to continue existing we have nothing left to do but to exterminate them.’. He didn’t have a soul of a murderer, but clearly saw a chance for Germany to grow richer. For that purpose, merciless judiciary and economic sanctions were established, destroying Polish entrepreneurship, farmers and Polish education. What made it easier for him was that the administration and courts were very discretionary in serving the empire.

The second notable chancellor was the Third Greater German Reich chancellor, Adolf Hitler. Poorly educated but persistently expanding his knowledge, gifted with certain artistic talent in young age, later he mainly devoted himself to genocide of the supposed enemies of the German race. Having seduced nearly the entire nation with the superior race idea he swept it along towards conquering the world. Those who represented the undesirable element were exterminated with a typical Teutonic determination. He was supported in this nationwide cause by Austrian, French, Danish, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Latvian and Italian fascists. They formed or co-formed armed forces fighting side by side with the Wehrmacht and SS divisions.

Due to practical reasons, German planners did not choose a mass extermination of Poles and other Slavic nations. They applied it mainly to the intellectual class, as potential resistance leaders. They projected promoting abortion, splitting families, ‘stuffing’ the unwanted nations in city slums and ‘silent sterilization’. This was meant to lead the ‘underpeople’ to quick degeneration, and they believed that the abundantly breeding Germans will soon replace the ‘weakening’ populations. This proved to be hardly feasible and Himmler even presumed that ‘Poles and Czechs will stay as a part of German living space, organized in the form of vassal nations dependent on the Reich’. Bormann, on the other hand, viewed the General Government as a Polish preserve, a large labor camp. German administrators only have to take care of them ‘so that the Poles don’t die of hunger. However, we must never raise them to a higher level.’ Therefore, chancellor Hitler’s planners perceived the future of Polish people as vegetation and a complete subordination towards ‘the Master nation’.

Currently at the helm of German government (and de facto the European Union) we have madam chancellor Angela Merkel. I won’t say a single bad word about her, because by bringing over the so-called ‘refugees’ she punished mainly her fellow countrymen. I even pity them a bit. As it turned out, the smart maneuver did not succeed, since thousands of the insolent ‘multiculti’, instead of working for Great Germany, prefers to steal, rape and kill. It turned out that it will be up to the Germans themselves to work for the uncountable swarms of immigrants from Afganistan, countries of Levante and Africa. The Fourth Reich might be established as a Muslim state. To push forward this grim vision a bit in time, the Union ordered satellite nations to raise the retirement age limit, so that the rest of Europe also has to labor for scroungers. And, as a bonus, certain countries are forced to accept columns of migrants. Of course, on fair terms, they didn’t swim on pontoons from Turkey and Libya for nothing. Drugs and nice cars included.

Ideas brought forward by Union’s leaders should be considered slightly desperate, but at the same time fully concordant with Hitler’s tradition. Firstly, we declare Lady Chancellor’s will as binding law of the EU. Then it is thrust forward by ‘Escheat’s law’ by obedient tribunals to present Poland, Hungary and other non-colonial states with a thug kind. Admittedly, the greatest have already been selected by emissaries. With no hesitation the brave boys organize assaults and terrorist attacks. Some amount of intimidation is necessary until the Overmen grab Europe by its head. Martin Schulz, a political assistant of Islamic hordes’ invasion on Europe and barely a candidate for a chancellor, already threatens Poland with economic sanctions. The Great Germany are beginning a march-parade following the footsteps of great Chancellors. Fear is justified, since they act like that every several dozen of years.


Protectionism and the Paris-Berlin Caliphate

Bathed in the evening light, president Macron strongly resembles a zombie leader. His pitted profile with its prominent teeth and the equally frigid populism had been, since not a long ago, stirring up crowds of young people. The source of their inertia had been derived from a prior rejection of political activism. Up until now, they had no intention to deal with the atrocities of the heartless politics of capitalism, rightly not believing the older generations keeping an iron grip on power. Therefore, due to a lack of experience, they did not take notice, or did not want to take notice that the old elites had provided them with a shell. Scandals exposed by the media shattered foreground candidates. The true rulers of the Republic removed the soon-to-be 40 years old previous minister from a dusty shelf, blown away the dust, lavishly supported his campaign, aroused fear of mrs. Le Pen’s Nazism, and so the tenuous minister of a weak government and hopeless Hollande’s darling finished in front. Only after that did his recent staunch supporters begin to notice that Le Pen was not a Nazi, and that Macron had shamelessly deceived them. It turned out that the words which he delivered on rallies with such an emphasis mean something entirely different in his political strategy. That it is not about new France, but an old, peevish fossil (France-ssil?). Which makes quite a difference.

Let’s put the liberal democracy’s leaders’ hypocrisy aside, though. Let’s focus on specific problems tormenting ‘old’ nations of the Union. More so due to the fact that those active volcanoes fan the flame of antagonism between Western Europe and its Middle-Eastern neighbors. As for now, this only leads to a diplomatic war between France and Poland and Netherlands with Hungary, but can de facto result in Europe’s breakdown and a revaluation of alliances. Well, it already does.

Which of these supervolcanos threaten with political destruction of European Union today?

The first one would be
informational protection towards the new wave of Muslim immigrants. They are granted huge preferences from European Union’s politicians and their bosses, the chancellor of Germany and the president of France. For their sake information about terrorists is being muted, and it is being written that such attacks were organized by individuals who were: mentally ill, deprived of empathy from Christians and generally poorly integrated.
A Polish laureate of the literary Nobel Prize, Czesław Miłosz, phrased the idea of deceiving the unfaithful (ketman) by Islam followers as follows in ‘The Captive Mind’: ‘
One should keep silent about their true opinions, if it is possible. But there exist cases when silence falls short, when it can come across as admission. That is when one should not hesitate. That is when one should not only publicly renounce their opinions, but it is also advised that one should make use of all possible tricks to mislead the enemy.’
It is worth mentioning that the Dutch ‘student’ of doctor Goebbels equated Hungarian state reforms to danger posed by Islam terrorists. It is a spectacular example of familiarizing the public opinion with the thesis that, for example Orban, or Kaczynski are local ‘binladens’ and it is a responsibility of every model liberal to imprison or shoot those unfaithful. Or to accept with pleasure that it will be done in their place by the secret militia of Eurocorps with aid from special regiments of Soros, for whom Eastern revolutions are a piece of cake.

The second volcano is
economic protection towards ‘fresh’ Islamic immigrants. It consists of creating new workplaces for them at the expense of Middle-Eastern European companies, which, up until now, had filled the gaps in transporting cargo, construction services etc.
The truck-aided terror has fulfilled its job and shook up the Union’s politicians so much that Macron even toured half the Europe to cater to this vision. Let’s not delude ourselves that the so-called ‘vicarious workers’ snatch all the delicacies from the tables of native Germans or the French. To the contrary, for the most part they grab the leftoves from their master’s tables, the toughest, least graceful orders, viewed as non-profitable for western companies. At least it had been this way so far.
However, new Islamic transport companies will be created now in their place, cheap, because they will be maximally subsidized by Union’s funds, and therefore also by Poland, Bulgaria or Romania. Afterwards there will appear cheap airlines (new refugees), construction services companies (thousands of mosques), travel companies (fancy entertainment for fighters), medical (circumcision), nursing (Jihad veterans), and educational (studies over holy Books). At the beginning the services will be cheap, because they will rely on Union’s grants, then it will get more expensive, since you know how it is with monopoly. Gradually, the moderate Muslims will start to vanish from the streets and offices, under pressure of sanctions for succumbing to the unfaithful. The security of Islamic companies’ operation and its dynamic expansion will be ensured by an army of fighters comprising of Islamists and Janissaries (converted young Christians). Only those customers that are able to recite the Quran from memory can expect discounts. Obviously Christians, Buddhists and the unfaithful must pay the tax (jizya), starting from 5000 euro annually per capita, but one can always perform a conversion to Islam. Unfortunately, the disobedient will have to be taught by employing educational executions.

Both the fresh experience of the Islamic State, and the starkly divergent demographical prognoses for the native people of Europe and the incoming people of Islamic faith point to the fact that
it is not an intellectual utopia. A significant indicator of this is also the foolishness and greed of the eurocapital and the corrupt Union politicians, who, for an ad hoc profit, draw in millions of half-free workforce, building in a terrifying speed a monstrous barrel of gunpowder. Well, just in case they can always evacuate their assets and families to a safe motherland of Trump or Putin. The second will maybe even allow them to invest in Crimea.

Assuredly, after several years of idyll with the world of Islam it will turn out that the native German and French will only be allowed to work as vicarious workers… If only at that time the Union will not have already fully removed the redundant option of international cooperation. After all, everybody will be cooperating in a single caliphate.


The last route of ISIS fighters

One of the reasons for attacks is the disgust towards some trends of western subculture, especially licentiousness. If we were to search for the most licentious city in Spain, then I would point at Barcelona – indicated priest Henryk Zieliński, editor-in-chief of the catholic weekly ‘Idziemy’. Meanwhile the Barcelona newspaper ‘La Vanguardia’ explains the background of the attack with Jihadist’s frustration. It is true that the largest number of religiously radical fractions of the Muslim community (Spanish enclaves in Morocco) comes to this city. It is also here where the biggest level of activity is noted among people suspected of terrorism. However, they do not arrive here to fight naked girls on the beach, but because Catalonia is the richest region of Spain, offering work and better life opportunities. Some do not succeed, which is where the frustration comes from. (wp.wiadomości)

Comment: Explaining terrorism with aversion towards erotic licentiousness of Europe-met societies, or jihadists’ frustration that they have failed to become yuppies is, in my opinion, creative, albeit a bit fantastical.

Firstly, the fighters simply wallowed in licentiousness by mass rapes of Kurdish, Yazidi and Christian women on conquered grounds. It is also characteristic that the first large waves of the so-called refugees, which we can name as ‘Merkel’s haul’ consisted of herds of young males attacking women regardless of their age, appearance and manner of dress. The peak of this hunt took place during the New Year’s parties, on the first day of 2016, in Cologne, Hamburg and Stuttgart, or the May street Culture Festival in Berlin, in the same year. We should conclude then that neither the entirety of that population, nor just the Jihadists have anything against sexual intercourse with European women, and don’t even think of igniting war with the rotten West over this reason.
For me, this argument could be valid if we consider later actions of the police, which deprived bands of ‘refugees’ of joy from those hunts. Lack of funds for buying sex could result in increased recruitment for radical Islam groups, powered by whopping cash from the oil potentates from the Near East.

Secondly, frustration due to inability of making a corporate career in Barcelona seems to be an analogical argument to inability to electing a Jihadist as a pope. Admittedly, during the rule of pope Francis this cannot be ruled out, but let’s agree that this could meet with substantial difficulty, at least from the Polish Catholic side.
Therefore, we primarily need to focus on the fact the lack of fast social advancement is the fate of the vast majority of immigrants, both Asians and Europeans. These immigrants do not take revenge or fight for social advance by using terror. Do Muslims differ in this regard, comparing to other immigrants? I do not think so, in the mass scale. But one thing is certain, that the Near East billionaires spreading Jihad in Europe are capable of ensuring any of their chosen with a brilliant career, not only a business one.

It seems to me that the current phenomena of Islamic terror in Europe resemble playing the piano a little bit. Subsequent keys are hit, some in Belgium, some in Germany, some in the Great Britain. Recently in Spain. In my opinion, the jihadists have already managed to intimidate Spanish people after the train attack, and now they’re trying to repeat this maneuver. Perhaps they do not like the closing of the last Mediterranean immigration route, leading through Spain? For how other way should the defeated ISIS fighters reach Europe?


EC tough like Stalin 

Last weekend, the European Commission has instituted a proceeding regarding Poland. In its opinion, the Polish act concerning the system of courts of law might violate the Union’s regulations. The Commission’s biggest objection is brought upon by a difference in judge’s age of retirement, dependent on gender – for women (60 years) and men (65 years). The commission believes that this contradicts with article 157 of the European Union’s functioning treaty and the directive concerning gender equality.

Not long ago, the Commission tried to impose on Europeans that only straightened bananas comply with Union law, while father and mother are just parent one and parent two. The imagination of Brussels’ thinkers has fully understandable restrictions. It’s hard to set bent bananas evenly on a table, which can inconvenience perfectionists, no matter the numeration. While the lack of this numeration can cause a terrifying shock in children, that their birth depends upon different gender relationships. It’s falsity and horror! Their true parents are eggs and sperm, the rest comprises of awful social customs.

Currently the vice-president of this commission, in a shape that doesn’t rouse improper gender thoughts, has finally gotten to educating Polish people. Firstly, they err jointly that judges are the same kind of people like other working people in Poland, who can retire. Women while 60 years old, men while 65. Especially those who are the oldest, past their 80’s, and particularly their reproduced ideal copies are invaluable to the Union. They will serve it faithfully, just like their masters serving the ideas of Lenin and Stalin. That is why the 65 year old limit is inadequate, if not reprehensible. It can only be eradicated by steel-hard sanctions, a secular inquisition with Union’s Human Rights bible, and it would be probably supported by the Eurocorps on brand new Leopards?

Because, secondly, the time of rule of law has come for the Union. Law that men and women have no differences. If any differences arise, then Union’s citizens have to take care of it surgically. On their own, or maybe there will be some donations when they will have been taken from farmers and those innovative eggheads. Anyway, it’s best to take away only from the Polish, because the French and German will get angry. And it will be bad.

Thirdly, finally, women can’t work shorter, because shorter labor equals discrimination. Not without a reason did ancestors of European Union’s ideas place the famous sign ‘Arbeit macht frei’ in secured labor camps. And today brave Brussel commissioners fight for this freedom, like Stalin’s commissioners did, red from the blood of their enemies. We need to liberate those foolish Poles from the obsolete idea of freedom in name of which they fought with Bolshevik corps near Warsaw in 1920. If it wasn’t for the stupid, war-like resistance of those Poles, then we would already have had an European Union back then! An ocean of joy spreading from Moscow, through Brussels, Madrid and Paris. And maybe even to Washington and Los Angeles. Now the commissioners of EU have to take up this banner of collosi with more than a single fivefold star, though it’s tough for them. But it wasn’t exactly easy for Joseph Vissarionovich either, and yet he crushed Poles with Adolf’s prior aid. Admittedly, for a short while, but the Union draws conclusions from it and implements directives.

By the way, „Liberty, equality and fraternity” has to be necessarily redefined. Liberty can stay, because it doesn’t mean anything anymore. Besides, it can always be occasionally interpreted more thoroughly. Fraternity needs to be supplemented with ‘sorority’, and capital has to be cut from equality. Don’t let those Eastern broke asses do what they want!


The nebula of liberodemocracy

1. Scale of protests. Before vetoing the Supreme Court act, the streets of Warsaw were, on oppositional rollcall, flooded with crowds reaching up to 15, 20 thousands of demonstrators. In other large cities they were noticeably fewer in numbers (from several to several tens of thousands). This scale equals to, more or less, from 1/2 to 1/50 of a pilgrimage to Catholic places of worship in Poland.

2. The composition of participants. Oppositional parties were able to frighten college students with possible sanctions, for example blocking external scholarships and studying in foreign countries, which has been resounding lately in the subtext of Brussel threats, coming from the mouth of the vice chairman of EC - Timmermans. In contrast to earlier public street appearances students crawled out quite numerously. Next to their parents, grandfathers and grandmothers, who represented the financial and political elites, and, speaking frankly – sometimes intellectual of PRL, and then The Third Republic of Poland.

3. Slogans.  Due to the large number of young intelligence, yuppies and hipsters, there was a lot of monothematic collective shouts, because street demonstrations in those groups are considered rather ‘lame’ and only those with the exhibitionistic personality pushed themselves forth to the microphones of hyperliberal, Polish-language television tvn, to express their hate towards the regime. Usually, upon the slogans of professional speakers, the crowd responded with ‘constitution’ or ‘3 times veto’. It was a rather typical intellectual prolixity, as the vast majority of demonstrators read neither the binding constitution, nor the more incriminated acts.

4. Acts.  Here is where I agree to some extent with Paweł Kukiz’s opinion that their purpose was not really to reform courts, but the personal casting of the heads of judiciary corporations by PiS, and eliminating judges faithful to Platforma Obywatelska, orphaned by Donald Tusk. Under the pretext of eliminating law degenerates, who, according to laws of physics, by the so-called ‘scum principle’ had overtaken the local Polish peaks of the world mafia of justice priests.

5. Qui pro quo.  Both the authorities of PiS, and the demonstrators, met with a, more or less, funny misunderstanding. Now, chairman Jarosław Kaczyński perceived both the import from young elites of the Freedom Union – Andrzej Duda, and the graduate of Robert Schuman’s Institute – Krzysztof Szczerski as his ‘buddies’, read as: national-conservative reformers, or, in case of need – revolutionists. Meanwhile the street crowd of those devoid of real power, therefore - the previous elites, treated the President as a cabaret figurehead, afraid of Kaczyński. And so, to J. Kaczyński – he revealed himself as the foremost traitor of the state’s self-determination concept, while, to the previous elites – as a converted super-liberal.

6. Quo vadis? Unfortunately, I am unable to prophesy who will win this race for the left (signing) hand of Mister President, as I am unfamiliar with the real points of both sides, and only the smokescreen created for the sake of the mob. One can only presume that one side can offer them a quite uncertain continuation of presidency, while the other one – tested on Donald Tusk – an international career in an extremely well-paid post. Unfortunately, both in the role of a political marionette.


Where will Ukraine enter?

Waszczykowski about Polish-Ukrainian relations: You will not enter Europe with Bandera. Poland will impose a veto on Ukraine’s membership in the European Union, if the historical and Polish national minority matters are not settled in that country – said the Foreign Affairs minister Witold Waszczykowski in an interview with wPolityce. (

Comment: It’s hard to say where Ukraine will enter with the cult of Nazi formation OUN-UPA. The same one that, under the pretext of battle for independence, murdered 150 to 200 thousands of Poles, mostly peaceful farmers, unarmed women and children. The Volhynia massacre was conducted by the ‘Ukrainian insurgent army’, supported by the representatives of Orthodox Church and taking advantage of Hitler Germany’s occupation of Polish Volhynia. One can say – under the umbrella of Hitler Germany. One can also say that the ‘little local hitler’ Stepan Bandera, for a price of a sea of blood, connected the Volhyn land, ‘purified’ of native Polish people to Ukraine.

The cult of OUN-UPA leaders is necessary for currently ruling Ukrainian oligarchs, so that the people of Ukraine don’t surrender to Moscow’s influence. These oligarchs, mostly of Jewish origin, might fear the increase in anti-Semitic moods and the loss of economic influence and political power. That is why contemporary Ukraine is a blooming area of political history glorifying Nazism of blades directed against Russians and Poles, since the national doctrine of ‘two enemies’ allows the robbery of the country and unlimited corruption. It causes a reversal and unleashing of social hate in the same direction, that 74 years ago the homicidal organization OUN-UPA patronized.


Strangespokesman of civil rights (2)

A journalist of left-wing newspaper ‘Frankfurter Rundschau’ has criticized the speech of prime minister Beata Szydło at Auschwitz, where the government head spoke of protecting Polish citizens. The text contained accusations of, among others, creating new historical politics through putting the blame for the holocaust... on Germans.
Adam Bodnar, the spokesman of civil rights referenced the article in TVP Info channel. He stated that there were no doubts that the Germans had been responsible for the holocaust. However, he stressed that one needs to remember that many nations contributed to its realization. – Including, while it’s hard for me to say, the Polish nation. (

Comment: Here we can see the effects of brainwashing in German schools. Besides, I really pity Germans as this is what they owe for the current islamization of their country. But ad rem – a journalist of a newspaper lefting, or rather levitating in fumes of absurd denies the holocaust. Since the German fascists were only humble subcontractors of murdering millions of Jews, Poles and several other nations, we have to indicate the proper culprit. Obviously, excluding the gnomes in Berlin gardens, masterminds of this operation.

The idea of Germany’s non-responsibility for the holocaust and other war crimes during the Second War blossomed after paying the reparations for Israel and the payment of individual lavish compensations by German government. After paying the American and German media changed their rhetoric drastically. ‘Germans’ were converted into ‘Nazis’, and holocaust was attributed to the conquered by German war machine... Polish nation. Because Germans had organized death camps in Poland. One can say therefore that German government ‘bought off and cancelled the blame’ of its legal ancestors. Same as cancelling purchased bills of exchange. It’s worth mentioning that the ‘innocent German nation’ idea’s precursor was Adolf Hitler, who claimed that Jews and Slavs are self-responsible for their annihilation.
If the Frankfurt attack on right-wing government of mrs. Szydło is joined by the Polish spokesman of civil rights, incidentally a doctor of law chosen back in the past by her political enemies, and clearly speaks rubbish about the involvement of Polish nation in the holocaust, then I have a few questions:

1. How many people is considered a nation’s involvement in the holocaust? One, a hundred or maybe a thousand? When we compare the percentage of collaborators with Nazis, then, for example, compared to France it was a marginal phenomenon in Poland. If so, then are the French leaders among the perpetrators of the holocaust, next to the mythical Nazis?
2. According to the facts, a collaborator army of around 50 thousand Jews (in Poland alone) actively contributed to the holocaust. Can we deduce from that that the Jewish nation was an accomplice in the holocaust? Did the collaborators have the right to compensations due to alleged German repressions?
3. Did the economic and cultural elites among American Jews, due to their glaring abandonment, not become an accomplice in the holocaust? Don’t they owe compensations to the Jewish Europeans, who fell victim to their foreign policy?
4. Did the sentence spoken by the spokesman escape his lips accidentally during a ‘prattle’ in the tv, or, on the contrary, is an element of an international media campaign against Poland? My faith in conspiracy theories has its limits, but this time I’m betting on the latter.
Personally, I’m against using the term ‘nation’ in the context of groups of people trapped in the tongs of totalitarian regimes, such as Hitlerism or Stalinism. In the conditions of radical oppression, a human magma is created, completely differing from ‘normal’ existing conditions. Therefore, let’s look for the guilty among those who had the freedom to choose, and not among helpless victims of totalitarianism. The important problem is who, during the times of contempt, had a real chance to choose between good and evil.


Refugee mythology outline 

According to the Geneva Convention definition from 1951 a refugee is every ‘person who, due to a justified fear of persecution because of their race, religion, nationality, political opinion or affiliation with a certain social group, was forced to leave their mother country, and who, due to that fear, cannot or does not want to utilize the protection provided by their country’. It’s worth adding that the first safe country should consider the application of confirmation (formal granting) of refugee status of that person.

1. In all likelihood not a single immigrant from the ‘Near East’ and African wave has made it to Europe in recent years from a country in which they feared persecution. They have arrived from Turkey, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco etc., which are relatively safe countries. Therefore, it is a myth that they flee to Europe because of oppression or war.

2. The immigrants received clear instructions from smugglers how to deceive controlling organs so they could be granted the refugee status in Europe. Most often they destroyed ID cards and other testimonials, because the data they contained did not guarantee success. Therefore, the identity they present is a myth.

3. According to UNO’s data 75% is made of men, and the rest, fifty-fifty, of women and children. Half of this group comes from Syria, about 15% from Afghanistan, and the rest mostly from Africa. These proportions are roughly kept. Therefore, TV messages bringing out the participation of women and girls among the fugitives are a myth, because they make up a tiny fraction of refugee population.

4. In the vast majority of cases the persecution of Islam followers on a religious background is a myth. The true victims of persecution in Islamic countries were and are Christians and Yazidis. They were being murdered by other immigrants even during the escape through Mediterranean Sea. The Yazidi women in Iraq were abducted, raped, and the men were killed. In 2015 fifteen Muslim immigrants were arrested due to tossing twelve Christians into the sea, including women and children. It was decided that other cases will not be publicized. Thousands of Christians in German refugee camps are oppressed by Muslims, sometimes even by their bodyguards, and the German government does nothing to protect the victims. Therefore, the Islamic immigrants’ arrogant attitude and visible eruption of hate towards European Christians shouldn’t be a surprise. One manifestation of true feelings are London hunts with knives on randomly met ‘infidels’.

5. The calls for refugee support by rich clients of liberal media are a myth. In the wealthy Vatican, not even the central project of help for Islamic refugees was financed, all the more for the less politically mobile refugees with a truly Christian pedigree. Not a single liberal party among those fighting for human rights in Poland, or Hungary, offered at least half of their own funds for this noble goal. Fruitless is the search for offers of massive refugee adoptions from finely salaried politicians of the European Union, parliamentarians or bankers. Also from the bishops who had announced solidarity and generosity towards refugees, the Pope just has to agree on such an apostolic adoption!

Unfortunately, the liberal hypocrites shaking the European Union only demand that the refugees be funded by poverty-stricken farmers, young graduates, workers on cheap posts, and retirees hardly making ends meet. This is no longer a myth, but a crime.


Migratory Dictatorship of the Empire of Good

During celebrations of the 77th anniversary of the first deportation of Polish political prisoners to the German camp Auschwitz, Beata Szydło gave a speech. – The Auschwitz-Birkenau camp is a place sacred with blood of more than a million innocent victims, people who left behind them emptiness in the hearts of their loving families and relatives – said the prime minister.

However, her speech aroused much controversy and became widely commented on. – Auschwitz is a lesson that we need to do everything to protect our citizens – said Beata Szydło. Her words were acknowledged as an attempt to explain Polish government’s attitude towards not accepting refugees in Poland. (onet.wiadomości)

After the assault on Poland in 1939 German Nazis murdered half of the Polish intelligence, professors, lawyers, officials, artists and catholic priests. No nation suffered such a big loss, except European Jews, and so many Polish patriots of Jewish ancestry were also killed. We mustn’t let the spiritual offspring of exterminators, under the ideological labels of liberalism or social democracy, teach us how to understand human rights. Did they cut themselves off from the feeling of ethnical supremacy over Slavic nations? You don’t see it in perorating Junckers, Schulzes and Timmermans. Did they pay Poland several hundred billions of euro of war reparations for human and cultural loss or for what they just stole and carried over to the Reich? Of course they did not! The holy law of capitalism. To become rich you must first completely rob others.

As part of the European Union, they made themselves an outlet in Poland, cheap workforce, and sealed it with a constitution that preserves the rule of their agents of influence. There was supposed to be Solidary Poland, but they created Corporate Poland ruled from Berlin, Brussels and Paris. Now they threaten us with sanctions, when the country escapes the grasp of Union sly dogs, when the corrupted officials, judges or managers glued to their posts are shoved away from the drinking trough. The more important an agent is, the bigger the tumult and clamor.

The strip of authoritarian Islamic countries from Libya to Afghanistan have been destabilized under the label of liberal expansion of human rights. Besides the political advantages Western Europe acquired a powerful landing of half-free workforce. Now it has become quite a burden for rich countries like Germany, France or Netherlands, which used to gain huge profits from it. They have to get rid of less productive refugees, best to push them out to Poland or Hungary. The same as Germans did, when they pushed the Jews out before 1939, only to prepare them a final extermination on conquered lands.

Antonio Tajani is already making plans of taking away donations from European farmers, to accommodate Islam preachers from countries affected by conflicts on the rubble of their farms. Are we expecting a repeat from near past? This, unfortunately, cannot be ruled out, as the perfidy of neoliberal elites, enforcing one-way humanitarianism on the world in a totalitarian way, exceeds even the level of hate of German Nazis. After all, you can instruct the radical Islamists, bred in Europe, to carry out the extermination of any population. Sounds unreal? And was it the so-called ‘empires of evil’ like Iran or Russia that created Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State?


* UE concentration camps * 

Jean-Claude Juncker announces that in the upcoming week the European Commission will have to ‘see about whether we will implement the procedure of treaty violation or not’. ‘Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung’, in an article titled ‘Jucker threatens Poland and Hungary’, quotes EC chairman’s statements about drawing the law consequences towards Union countries which refuse to accept refugees.
‘The decision has not yet been made, but I say: I’m for it’ – stated Juncker. He stressed that ‘we need to clarify that decisions taken are of the binding law, also when one votes against it.’ He also indicated that ‘it’s all about European solidarity, which cannot have a one-way nature. It has to be two-way.’

Comment: I am deeply fascinated which Union treaties Poland has broken this time? As it turns out, the ad hoc convened round-ups of prime ministers in the UE grow in the eyes of the Luxembourgian to the rank of international treaties. At the same time the sovereign right of European countries are being taken away by enforcing compulsory location of immigrants. Let us add, immigrants reluctant, or downright hostile towards the processes of relocation. In Poland, a country ‘working its way up’, as it was first destroyed by Germans, then betrayed by the West and long degraded in the Soviet freezer, there’s no chance for a life standard comparable to that of West Europe. And those Afghans, Algerians and Pakistani, all impersonating Syrians, know that well. They will have to be ‘relocated’ by force. Will the Union rebuild German concentration camps in Poland, under the wand of Berlin? Or maybe they’re planning new locations? Maybe even Herr Juncker will stand on the camp’s ramp during the inauguration? Formally dressed, in a proper uniform. Marvelous would be the sound of European Union’s anthem in those circumstances!

Due to the history of the last century, Poles, Czechs and Hungarians have a full right not to trust the ‘solidarity’ of EU politicians, nominated by Germany, or France. The French, who refused to die for Gdańsk. Such words resounded in Paris and its outskirts in 1939. Despite the pacts they did not come with aid after Germany’s assault on Poland! Now those vassal officials, anointed of chancellor Merkel, are trying to aggressively enforce something on Poland yet again. Either upkeeping the constitution and tribunals set by their influence agency, or energetics based on something… which Poland does not have! Did, for example, a huge fan of EU and ex-president of Poland, Aleksander Kwaśniewski, not turn out later to be a renowned lobbyist of Kazakhstan’s president Nursultan Nazarbayev, Ukrainian oligarchs, or the owner of Russian consortium Acron - Vyacheslav Kantor. Who was just a little while earlier overseeing the Union version of Polish constitution in 1997. It is difficult to judge his services towards the mentioned billionaires, but the sideline for EU turned out pretty messy in the law sense. Maybe it was all about this interpretative freedom, so the arbiters of high courts could adjudicate accordingly with Brussels’ zephyr breezes?

Now the lobbyists of Berlin want to enrich Poland culturally with immigrants imported by chancellor Merkel. Those who do not want to assimilate in Germany, and whose ethnical origin is hazy. And also those who will sooner or later unload their frustrations by cutting indigenous people with knives. Poland contributes to the wealth of Germany and France by importing many unneeded goods. As much as 80% of EU assistance returns to the givers. To compensate the failure of France’s trade of mistrals with Russia, Poland was to purchase French helicopters caracals for a double of what Kuwait payed. To which the former prime minister of Poland, Donald Tusk, enthusiastically agreed. We now see why he found his place at the so-called ‘fart-post’ at Brussels. We also see more clearly how the European solidarity looks et consortes for Juncker. The essence of this solidarity has a tone of colloquial erotism: “F…k the Easterners as much as you can!’. And if you can’t, then threaten them with sanctions. So they feel the feedback of the Übermensch.


All the power in the hand of judges!

Pardon, as a privilege of the president of Poland, defined in the constitution, can only be applied to people convicted by plenipotentiary judgment – stated the Supreme Court. A pardon given out before a plenipotentiary judgment has no legal effect – added judge Jarosław Matras (onet. wiadomości).

Comment: The Supreme Court has delivered a peculiarly ‘judge-centric’ verdict. It was justified with a mightily rich argumentation, let’s admit – comprehensive and deepened. Unfortunately, they ignored the most important system rule of liberalism, which is tri-partite division of power. What we have here is a casus of eating raisins out of the cake, typical for this kind of democracy. What does this ‘reckless ride’ of the highest Polish judiciary organ imply?

Firstly, if, by the mouth of the Supreme Court, the judiciary power shakes the constitutional right of the president to the pardon, it shakes the system foundations of Poland, and also other countries of liberal democracy. A court, even the Supreme, cannot interfere in the individual pardon of the president, because it is undertaken not in the judiciary dimension, but in the sphere of privileges of the executive power. They undertake it as a president, not a judge. Imposing the president with vassalage towards judiciary decisions regarding a matter would mean the president’s decision has to depend on other powers. This usurpation leads directly to taking over of executive power by law corporations gathered in the judiciary.

Secondly, the ‘pardon’ is a famous privilege of rulers since ancient times. Roman emperors could spare the life of gladiators, who, despite having lost, showed bravery on the arena, and the kings could repeal death penalty or banishment administered by the court. Nation’s business wasn’t necessarily identical to the justice in its court shape. There exists an infinite number of verdicts treating degenerate pedophiles, murderers and swindlers in an incredibly ‘liberal’ way. Admittedly the ‘liberal’ locust in togas makes up only a small portion of the ‘injustice’, but the rest is filled with wrong or wrongly phrased law. As a result, it is no surprise that the extrajudicial procedures like ‘pardon’, especially facing the rigid and corrupted judiciary, are considered a necessary instrument in the hands of the power chosen in the universal elections. In Poland – the president, and in the US – also governors. It can be treated as pragmatic populism, but it’s worth remembering that, on the theatrical rule of ‘Deus ex machina’, it brings back common citizens’ faith in justice.

During the proletariat’s rebellion mottos like ‘all the power in the hand of labor-rustic masses’ were very famous. Today, in the heart of Europe a historical coup of corporations has happened, of which the main motto is ‘all the power in the hand of judges’. I’m afraid to know what next progress will the liberal capitalism democracy make. For the whole power in other paroxysms of the sick system can go in the hands of bankers, billionaires, dealers, lobbyists, deviants, escapists, militarists? Or maybe we’re already in their grasp, and the rule of priests of justice is merely a façade? (sjw)


On Monday morning a terrorist bombing happened in Manchester in which at least 23 people were killed (including the culprit), and around 60 were injured. The Islamic State admitted to the attack which happened after the concert of American singer Ariana Grande, in a sport-entertainment hall. What do we know about the terrorist? Salman Abedi was born in Manchester in 1994 as the third (of four) child of Libyan refugees who came to Great Britain, fleeing from a country ruled then by Muammar al-Kaddafi. The Libyans had first lived in London, then, around 10 years later, moved to the area of Manchester. (

Comment: The serial murderer from Manchester is another Islamic terrorist born in a country which accepted his parents as political refugees. He was born a year after his parents’ ‘translocation’ from Libya. This means that jihad is practiced by, same as in Germany and Belgium, unassimilated second generation of Islamic countries refugees.

Salman Abedi was familiar to both the British police and the security services due to his contacts with the Islamic State. Today the police have also arrested a 23-year old (killer’s older brother?), suspicious of connection to the yesterday attack. If Abedi brothers’ connection to the Islamic State has been known – then the terrorists’ freedom of action can bewilder the sober-minded Europeans. Is the political correctness towards the Islamic groups at fault again?

It is to be feared that the round-up of refugees towards Europe, initiated by the business circles of France, Benelux, Germany and Great Britain, in order to gain cheap workforce, will end in a huge humanitarian catastrophe. The doctrines of belligerent Islam are not a tiny bit compatible with the libertine culture of Eurovision, canons of Christian ‘love’, or democratic freedom.

As such, the drastic experiment on the living organism of Europe – controlled by the irresponsible politicians of European Union – can end in, perhaps in the near future, a civil war on the continent. Paradoxically, at the time it’s the indigenous people that can become the refugees, just like during the times of Hitler. (sjw)


On liberals seeking power
For an average John Smith a ‘liberal’ seems like someone exotic. Someone like a mason, or a member of Bilderberg’s club, who he can see only on the TV. He imagines this person as some kind of an oddity, more of a phantasmagoria, space being than a human bestowed with real traits associated with them. The modern ‘liberal’ appears to him in reality in completely contradictory contexts. Sometimes they reprimand the lack of democracy and economic freedom in Poland, as done president Macron during his political campaign, and at the same time he roared that he will put sanctions on Poland for the fact that companies escape France to Poland due to excessive tax load.

In this representative example, we see the opulence of liberal’s social personality, which undeniably helps them succeed in political struggles. When they see that significant groups support the notion X, which contradicts with the previously proclaimed theses of Y, they instantly deliver an apotheosis in available media. It should be mentioned that the liberal owns money, so they also own the media. It doesn’t matter here that the money at hand, reaching a million or billion dollars, had to be stolen, so they could buy their place in the ‘club’, so it can be called. The important thing is that this million (billion) can already work in the economic and political system, and bring more profit.
Alright, the liberal is free to do whatever they want, because they love freedom so much that nobody can take it away from them! They have the right of ownership, courts, press and television behind them. Polish professor of law philosophy Lech Morawski, during a scientific session in the Oxford University, stated his opinions about corruption among leading Polish lawyers and politicians. According to him ‘politicians and judges in Poland take bribes’. While ‘the Polish constitution is completely vague. It can be interpreted in any way. For me this is a legislative tragedy and failure.’ How did the Polish liberal elites react to this? Did they begin discussion with the reputable scholar?

Were counterarguments placed forward by those circles? You have got to be kidding, the professor was treated as once Socrates was treated by Athenians. A boeotian roar resounded in the media, the defense of his PhD student’s thesis was cancelled, and it was demanded that the professor resigns from his post as a judge of the Constitutional Court. All of that for a few opinions about the drastic state of Polish judiciary and the poorly written constitution from 1997. In addition, on a scientific session. Dear liberals, did you occasionally forget about the scientist’s freedom to present their own judgements, opinions and theses during sessions, conferences and seminars?
Only hypocrisy, or a desperate stupidity of elites? A shame to admit that for I worked in Toruń’s University named after the great Copernicus for 19 years! Maybe the dean of UMK’s Law Faculty professor Zbigniew Witkowski will send an ad hoc summoned Inquisitional Commission after Professor Morawski?

But let’s not speak about liberal elites’ aggression towards a prominent Polish professor. In the American mainstay of democracy (we mentioned the French before), since the time of presidential election, there is an unceasing grilling of Donald Trump, performed by liberal elites. The custom of giving the new president a chance was discarded with disgust, and practically since the day of elections mud… and anything that will do is being thrown at him, mainly the so-called filth. Recently I was ‘politically’ amused by the furious assault on Trump for his co-workers keeping sondages about his relations with Russia. In this case, we should judge his predecessors for political and economic sondages in Iran, China, financing of the current ISIS and Al-Qaeda. This would mean the devastation of United States presidency as it was historically formed. For the US, if such assassination succeeded, it would be a typical suicide mission. I’m not trying to defend Trump’s politics here, especially in its social aspects, but attacking him for his pre-orientation in terms of international rivals’ preferences brings utmost wonder in me.

Based on the experience of cohabitation with the ‘liberal syndrome’ I shall put forward a working hypothesis
that modern liberalism is worse than fascism, because, contrary to Mussolini’s and Hitler’s systems, it can excellently conceal itself, forging three basic traditional values – good, truth and beauty. It promotes evil, lie and ugliness as social examples instead, so the confused society can be more easily managed. Fighting something like that is analogical to fighting a shadow, or a ninja, because money owned by THEM has huge power and rules, as it turns out, even the conscience of numerous scientists.


International Tennis Federation (ITF) has begun investigation on the offensive words of Romania’s Federation Cup captain Ilie Nastase directed towards the unborn child of Serena Williams. The titled American stated on Wednesday that she is pregnant. (…) ‘We’ll see what color it is. Milk chocolate?’ – 70-year old Nastase was supposed to say silently in Romanian to one of his pupils, when Simona Halep answered the question about dark-skinned Williams’ pregnancy. The American is engaged to the co-creator of site Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, who is white (eurosport

Comment: I don’t mind mixing white race with black at all, as it allows one to achieve successful effects, vide ex-president of the US, and an avid golfer, Barack Obama. Incidentally, Mulacs shine in athletics and many other sports. They also get great results in many different professions. Genetic mélange is a good answer to races and nations sticking together way too often.

I do not notice anything objectionable, except nosiness. It is a fact that Mulacs’ complexion, even in the first generation, may take on different colors, from ‘tanned’ white to ‘pale’ black. Forecasting of the child’s skin color is only a social trivia amidst players and fans of tennis. No matter the skin color, I think they will meet with kind reception amidst those. That is why I do not understand the inquisitorial reaction of International Tennis Federation, as skin color variety is a fact among Mulacs and it is not an insult to anyone to consider different variants. In the other case we would have to sue billions of aunts gossiping about the potential visual traits of the expected descendants of the family.


Today, around 2:30 PM local time, a bomb exploded in Petersburg metro. According to Russian Ministry of Health 10 people died, and 47 were injured. Russian public prosecutor's office confirmed earlier suspicions: the explosion was a result of a terrorist attack.

Comment: Terrorist attacks from the last six months in Europe have a direct relation to military failures of the Islamic State, and an uncontrollable influx of refugees.

Both of these factors generate not only growth of jihad emissaries, trained in Near East, in a geometric progression, but also stimulate the activity of so far "asleep" terrorist cells, and activate radicalized converts. Due to an excess increase in terrorist's numbers, special services acts become ineffective, because they cannot oversee every potential threat.

The only sensible action is strict evidence and ideological profiling of people arriving from the Oriental countries, including "white" converts, with limiting cross-border influx of potential extremists, and sending back whole communities to their motherland, if they support terrorism. Unfortunately, this means a serious restriction of these people freedom, much bigger than Donald Trump's decree covers. However, if specific European countries, including higher Union institutions do not "discipline" this group, it may result in a social rebellion, overthrowing especially "lethargic" governments, and an uncontrollable contra-terror as a reaction to a country's renunciation. (Comment sjw; translation zw)


Echoes of the the Minister of Foreign Affairs’ words about ‘falsification’ regarding the election of Donald Tusk for head of the European Council are not disappearing. A guest of #dzieńdobryWP, Jacek Żakowski, has picked him to pieces. Waszczykowski is losing touch with reality. He is not able to intellectually handle the situation. PiS upholds a very difficult policy towards the head of MFA. This requires at least cultural competence of Szymański – Waszczykowski lacks it. He enters the European culture like a savage – said Żakowski on the WP TV.

Comment: Head of Polish diplomacy has been on the viewfinder of liberal media, toiling for foreign owners. This surprises nobody, because their reason for buying the media was not lacking a government of souls. One needs to be an extreme idealist to not see the correlation between the golfstrom of Euro, and the joyful slander of the „europically” haunted deputies and publicists.

Only the fierce tone of propaganda, which simultaneously swallows the information about ancestry and confession of faith of Islamic terrorists, and placing the whole fault on their mental problems, can be surprising. If we were to believe German or Belgian newspapers, the murders of “unfaithful” comes not from the Prophet’s order, but from lack of proper psychiatric care in Western Europe. I think it not only insults the jihadists, but the „unfaithful” of the Europe, because it’s turning them into idiots or paranoids.

In turn, Jacek Żakowski opposes the „cultural” competences of mr. Szymański with „barbarian” manners of Waszczykowski „entering” the Europe. I do not know what mr. Jacek Ż. is trying to say, but he usually mentions gender, so let us put this aside. Everyone can finally have their own vision of an European, some dream of a beautiful maiden, some of a lad. However, let us put this dilemma aside and listen what the ‘Polish barbarian’ has to say.

What minister Waszczykowski said in the interview for “Spiegel”:
- Ringier Axel Springer publishing house, in a letter sent to the publicists of the Polish daughter-consortium encouraged them to forward information in a „pro-european spirit”;
- strict limit values of carbon oxide emission take a huge toll on Polish economy, because our energy acquirement relies on carbon. We cannot allow to become a backward country with fresh air;
- The Union is the main beneficient of Poland’s membership! (...) The German only have sold goods worth 55 billion Euro in Poland. (…) Eighty cents of every euro, which comes from Brussels is returned to the West;
- thirty years ago, when we were a member of the Warsaw Pact, we experienced how it is when rules are not followed in an alliance. (…) during his first cadence as the head of European Council, he was very partial. He meddled in Polish internal politics, being truly the leader of opposition;
- Several hours before the peak, German chancellor Merkel stated in Bundestag that she is content with the renewed election of Tusk for the head of European Council.

What to add, what to deduct. Was Tusk’s election a falsification? If Mrs. Chancellor had notified Bundestag of Tusk’s election before the elections, that would mean the elections were a fraud. And frauds and falsifications go side by side in one pair.

Does Ringier Axel Springer publishing house have the right to dictate the line of informational politics for media in Poland? Ha, they are they do not operate like this in Russia... Only feathers to fall, and the springiers would flee in tights... (Comment sjw; translation zw)


London police has given the name of the attacker from Westminster. He is Khalid Masood, already known to the police. The man was born in Great Britain. 52 years old Masood had been penalized earlier for assaults, weapon possession and disturbance of public order – mentions the site. The representatives of Scotland Yard have stated that he had not been penalized for acts of terrorism.

Reactivation of „lone wolves” in the service of terrorism is increasingly happening outside of the surveillance apparatus of special services. British Mi5 acknowledged him as someone not connected to terrorist organizations. The Islamic State has expressed a different opinion “He’s an ISIS soldier”. As you can see, the „best police in the world” can also be fallible.

Imposing reflections:
1. There were no remotely activated blockades on the bridge and near the Westminster Palace, despite the usage of vehicles during the attacks in Nicaea and Berlin;
2. On the driving route of the terrorist there was no – despite being in proximity of the parliament and a broad, crowded promenade – armed patrol;
3. The after-war wave which has come from Afghanistan, Pakistan and northern India is also not resistant to radicalization, outside fresh admission of refugees;
4. The touch of the “Safalic stigma” may also be the participation of the second and third generation of Islam followers, only superficially integrated with American or European culture;
5. The danger of terroristic activity comes not only from attackers equipped with refined technology, but the sufficiency of equipment with trivial, generally available “trash technology”;
6. European political regimes (systems of power), considering the almost constitutionally dominating political correctness are not able to apply the criterium of “limited trust” to some social groups. They do not take into account that radicals of various backgrounds protect themselves from invigilation by using tricks, lies and hypocrisy for camouflage, as acceptable tools of war. (Comment sjw; translation zw)

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