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Comment Stanisław Jerzy Włodowski; translation Zuzanna Włodowska


Commissaries going ballistics

The European Commission does not intend to address the issue of presidential elections in Poland under the procedure of art. 7 of the Treaty - said EC spokesman Christian Wigand. Yesterday a different view was presented by Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders. (after Onet. consciousness)

I admit that an attempt to question the date and form of the presidential election in Poland, both by the opposition consolidated against PiS and the liberal-leftist faction in the European Commission, seems both scary and ridiculous. Exactly like in the Russian saying: "zhizn' - eto kak tigra eb...t': i smeshno, i strashno, i prijatnosti nikakoj…".

First of all, Commissioner Reynders (emanation of the now "green" Frans Timmermans) is trying to engage the European Commission in an ideological war with Poland, and practically with the entire Visegrad group. In the old times we would call that religious wars. Soon, they will not only fight Poland, because the Union's interference in the internal rules of democracy may upset almost all its members. Well, maybe except for Germany and their halberdier Netherlands, which are pro-bullying overly "self-governing" EU members. Does this foreshadow a new Thirty Years' War?

Secondly, since several years, the liberal-leftist "yacheyka" of the Commission, with stubbornness worthy of a better cause, fights the conservative-solidarist-Christian government in Poland. In order to restore the power of Donald Tusk's group, docile to Germany, famous for its economic scandals that robbed Poland's budget of several hundred billion euros. It is worth noting that the amazing rise of the Polish economy in the last few years took place after the losers and the patrons of thieving mafias were removed from power. The quickly evacuated leader of this band received from the hands of Empress Angela the insignia of the "paper" leader of Europe, and then the People's Party, nickname of which should be written in quotation marks. Well, unless we refer to the concept of "people" from the time of III. Reich?

Thirdly and finally, the time when Reynders wants to restore "justice" in Poland is equally compromising. In fact, it is about blocking the election of President Duda for a second term on a constitutional date. The very idea of the opposition is truly Machiavellian, using dubious legal tricks, it wants to force the rulers to declare a state of emergency because it would prevent elections. Timmermans school?

The present time is another compromise of the Union. After the migration chaos, we have a tortoise-like response to a pandemic threatening all of Europe. In the situation of the epic tragedy of Italy and Spain, as well as the rest of the continent. Against the background of slaughter in other countries, Morawiecki's government in Poland has demonstrated outstanding prudence and ability to resolve the crisis. And like a vulture, Didier Reynders intervenes so that Poland does not choose the head of state and at the height of the pandemic falls into the chaos of civil war. A devilish idea indeed. In times of war, a rascal would pay with his head for such a thing, but in the Union, sleazy actions have been a norm so far. I am afraid that it is expensive when it comes to the image of the EU in the eyes of most Poles, the most pro-EU nation in Europe so far. In addition, from this Reynders enthusiasm, lined with ideological sex, one should rather expect "prijatnosti nikakoj", because when it comes to polls the actions of opposition parties are quickly going down...

Europe expects flashes of wisdom from the apparatchiks of the EC, as befits in difficult times, and not to initiate party wars between the left and the right, or to defend VAT gangs by the EU establishment.


Where did SARS-CoV-2 come from?

Atypical pneumonia as a result of SARS infection occurred in the southern province of China, Guangdong, in 2002. A year later, the Chinese Academy of Sciences decided to build a laboratory in Wuhan, which at this moment has a population of over ten million. The laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology began operating in January 2018 as the first facility in the country that meets the standards of the fourth, i.e. the highest level of biological safety, abbreviated BSL-4 (biosafety level) or P4 (pathogen or protection level). This level of security is required to allow work with the most dangerous viruses such as Ebola, Marburg, Lassa, MERS, or SARS. Thus, it was to join such recognized facilities as laboratories in Atlanta (USA) or Kolcowo in Russia, where, incidentally, an extremely dangerous accident occurred on September 16, 2019. We must be aware that laboratories of this type are technically very advanced conglomerates, compared to which automated car and computer factories are just lego blocks.

According to one of the hypotheses, experiments conducted in Wuhan on bats could infect scientists. Due to delayed signs of infection, there has been a massive expansion of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.
The Chinese authorities have already claimed in January this year that this is a "conspiracy theory" when they first confirmed in January 2020 the existence of the new virus and its "transmission" by people. Consternation and even shock in the research community was caused by the fact that it was this laboratory that was to conduct research on new extremely dangerous infectious diseases, collect virus samples, and at the same time act as the "reference laboratory" of the World Health Organization. The reservations of the scientific community were largely associated with the ideological way of management in the field of research and their military use in modern, great-power China. And as you know, the line between medical research and the creation of biological weapons is illusory, because it depends mainly on the virus disposer. The laboratory's director Yuan Zhiming put it more ideologically. According to him, the facility was to be "a key node in the global network of biosecurity laboratories," he claimed. (, 27/01/2020)

The root causes of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is not obvious for several reasons:
- the outbreak of the epidemic in Wuhan might be in addition to negligence or accident (coincidence with a recent opening date), a result of a provocation, as the Chinese authorities have suggested against the allegations of the American administration;
- the well-documented natural path of virus migration from mammals (bats) to human organisms through trade in the market could be helped by growing a "model" virus model in one of the laboratories and spreading it to the natural environment;
- SARS-CoV-2 virus is "insidiously" destructive in a social sense, since the initial symptoms weakly differentiate it from seasonal influenza, and at the same time do not de facto destroy active labor. So from a psychopathic point of view it "optimizes" the structure of the human population. The highly selective mechanism of extermination by coronavirus - almost exclusively people with a "worn out" immune system, and therefore mainly old and sick - resembles by analogy the justification for the extermination of Jews by the Nazi Reich as a destructive element of the state economy.
- the results of research conducted in Biological Superlaboratories have a firepower similar to nuclear weapons, and at the same time it is difficult to prove who the virus or bacterium has unleashed. Therefore, we can see with the naked eye that it is an almost perfect weapon for a potential aggressor. Almost, because the biological product is characterized by unexpected mutations, which can hit the ricochet at the attacker, not to mention retaliation, as many countries support secret research on biological weapons. Global and local militarists and technocrats cannot predict everything, because apart from the tools of destruction, they still can't reach God's level. Mainly the multi-faceted vision of the goal of creativity.


Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Practice, facts, guesses

- Every fourth, fifth person infected with this "crown" virus has a more serious course of the disease. Statistically - when you are more than 60 years old or have a weakened body due to health problems, or currently weakened immune system (diseases, exhaustion, mental stress) when it comes to younger people. One's attitude, bravery and tendency not to give up are also important factors. In the current situation, it is worthwile to boost your immunity with a healthy diet (eggs, lean meat and fish, vegetables - if possible, not frozen, fruits, e.g. apples) and moderate physical activity (gymnastics with the window open, housework and repairs). We should not overwork ourselves, overeat, take TOO MANY supplements, because it can have the opposite effect.

- Infection by inhalation of an infected aerosol, (sneezing, shouting, blowing out the wind, etc.) usually up to 1.5 m, less often through the mouth and eyes. There is no evidence that the virus enters through the digestive system, but this is not excluded, so preventive care should be taken to ensure cleanliness of dishes and hands when preparing them. It is difficult to determine a safe distance from a sneezing person, because some make a short-range "achoo", and others sneeze like a cannon, directing a stream of air discharge in the face of the interlocutor or client, not downwards or sidewards. Coughing or sneezing into the "sleeve" can cause a part of the droplets to be diverted in different directions, because clothing absorbs only part of it. In this case, the coughing person should wear a mask, because it can absorb most of the microorganisms discharged (not only with the crown).

- In a domestic environment the virus can be eliminated by washing hands with soup and sanitizing liquids. Food can be washed with a gel, dishwashing liquid, e.g. if we are cooking or baking, it is enough to rinse an orange peel thoroughly with water. The virus dies at temperatures above 60-70 degrees Celsius, so it stands no chance in Polish cuisine.

- Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 likes a cool and dry environment (starting from 5°C without damp weather), so maybe spring and summer aura will stop its expansion.

- Isolation of infected people is the basis for stopping a pandemic. Total isolation and identification of the infected from the universal quarantine for 2-3 months is the only, although radically debilitating tactic.

Judging by the selectivity of this virus, it meets all the criteria for a biological weapon ordered from a laboratory by a madman or some organization, wishing to get rid of "individuals" weighing down heavily on state budgets and insurance companies. To put it simply - old, sick and weak. By the way, it is possible to ruin and subjugate entire social groups economically and politically, and even numerous companies and countries. Pandemic is a hardcore test of endurance and survivability of societies. Solidarity or a lack of it will be an important test for the future of people. A test of humanity or dehumanization.


Old post-fascist democracy of the EU and young Polish solidarity

Western European democracies sprouted after II. World War from the fertile soil of German fascism and the Soviet version of communism.
The old elites of totalitarian dictatorship from Nazism times received back their "due" positions in universities, courts and state administration. It was partly due to morbid fear that the Yalta order, established by the Stalin-Roosevelt-Churchill trio, will last at best another few years, after which the Red Army will invade the war-weary Western Europe.

The second important reason lied in the extermination of old elites with liberal roots. In Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, the poor and overly assimilated, who hadn't managed to emigrate, were socially excluded, and most Ashkenazi Jews could escape only through the chimneys of German concentration camps. In Poland, occupied partly by Nazi Germany, partly by the equally totalitarian Soviet Union, both regimes repressed the intellectual elites with cruel determination. University professors, officers, priests, artists, prominent lawyers. To survive this evil time, poet Zbigniew Herbert, world-famous mathematician Stefan Banach and several hundred college professors fed lice on their bodies in the The Institute for Study of Typhus and Virology of Rudolf Weigl in Lviv. Fortunately for them, the Nazis strongly needed vaccines for the eastern front, when the former Allies turned against each other in 1941.

After the Second World War, not only Americans, but also Germans and other Western Europeans, intensively restored scientists, lawyers or officials of the Nazi, and other pro-Nazi regimes to favor. Except Poland, where it did not sprout. Soviet Russia creatively used them in GDR, where not only the KGB and Stasi used the services of Nazi personnel. Henry Leide shows in his book "Auschwitz und Staatssicherheit" that the initial determination towards the criminals of Auschwitz passed in the early 1950s, and the East German political police protected former Nazis by using them as secret collaborators. The totalitarian personnel migrated to courts and university departments, teaching law to hundreds of thousands of students. Thus, the totalitarian mentality of denasified fascists in the West and the kagebists raised to university faculties in the East poisoned indefinite numbers, though with naked eye - large crowds of European lawyers. It is worth noting that back then the authorities were already handing out positions to the most faithful of them under the facade of constitutional rights, or human rights vested in every creature under neoliberal law! This rising current, of course, also applies in the Union, like the Matrix, where small states give their sovereignty to the great.

However, social conviction of their innocence and reliability was necessary for the mass return of functional elites to various state structures. So the myth was strengthened that these elites were acting on the orders of Adolf Hitler and his immediate surroundings. It was believed that German society was not able to oppose the dictator's rule (see J. Korte, Kriegsverrat..., Berlin 2011,, in S. Fikus, Trudny spadek..., IH PAN Warszawa 2013).

At the other end of this pan-European cultural tradition, including legal tradition, is the current power elite in Poland. It cultivates the doctrine of social solidarity, and its Christian version was instilled on a mass scale by the Polish Pope John Paul II. In Poland, gentry democracy covered a larger part of society than in the West and is much older than its tradition in France, Prussia or the unfortunate Russia, where it didn't exist at all. However, the ideas of Christian solidarity got the chance to triumph politically in Poland only until a few years. In this sense, democracy founded on its ground is much younger than "old" post-fascist and post-communist democracy based on violence, falsehood and breaking the law under the banner of neoliberalism or alleged socialism.

Unfortunately, the exercise of democratic power by the people / nation in Macron's France is as related to the liberal ideas of the French Revolution as the rusted, exhaust-smelling Volkswagen Beetle to the deeply human notes of Anne Frank and captain's Witold Pilecki superhuman dedication to others. Practice often distorts ideas, but the facade neo-liberalism of the Union seems rather like liberfascism, i.e. a hybrid of group sex by generations of fascists, stalinists and libertines. Frankenstein's monster, compared to this doctrinally disturbed hybrid, is a well-structured gentleman.


Smelly farts of the annexation of sovereignty

During the conference "Parliamentarianism between globalization and national sovereignty" organized on Wednesday by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, topics such as the struggle with nation states within the Union and euro-electionsplanned for May 2019 were discussed. The conference was dominated by the speech of Chancellor Angela Merkel, who seems to have defined Germany's political goals for the coming years.

The dominant goal of Germany should be, according to Merkel, to take away the sovereignty of the Central and Eastern Europe for the sake of EU bureaucracy created by Germany, France and satellite countries. Merkel said that Germany has already given away some of its sovereignty to the European Union, and that "countries remain the masters of the treaties." Unfortunately, the Chancellor's words do not match reality. Even such a large and powerful state as the United Kingdom had enormous difficulties in freeing itself from the rule of the Union that entangled the GB. One can imagine the conditions of the Union for a weaker country.

The Chancellor somehow does not notice that all Member States have at the same time handed over some of the sovereign powers to the EU Headquarters. However, Angela Merkel goes further, demanding that the smaller countries continue to give away the most important attributes of sovereignty, i.e. supervision of national states over power ministries under the slogan of a common army. According to the coordinated attack on Poland and Hungary, Germany wants to ensure full influence on the justice system in these countries on the pretext of the influence of politicians on the courts. Meanwhile, CDU deputy Stephan Harbarth has just been elected to the judge of the Constitutional Tribunal, and in two years he is to become its president. So Germany can freely fill courts and tribunals with political activists, and Poland can't?!

The impudence of these attacks reminds us of the times that "rightly passed" when the enemies were exterminated in an absolute way without worrying about logical arguments, and the Führer formulated various demands towards Poland. It is worth noting that what was then considered to be the Nazi fantasy of the German elite became a pretext for a criminal attack on Poland. The EU Member States' inequality is currently the biggest obstacle to the strengthening of unions within the EU. Chancellor Merkel is trying to push into Poles, like a child into the belly, a native German nationalism disease hidden from 1945 under a rug for use in the world. In this way, she wants to get rid of unwanted Arab and African surpluses of migrants. So, simply, she wants to withdraw from the faulty immigration policy at a cheap cost and forcefully put huge social burdens on Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovaks. Probably no longer on the Austrians, because they have already shown the Germans a meaningful gesture in this matter. I must admit that one must have a tremendous nerve to pay for other nations for their own political mistakes. Is it not a coincidence of the revival of German supernaturalism, or maybe even something more dangerous?


Liberal Parasites have eaten their host?

What is happening in France, meaning the rebellion of hard-working people living at the junction of poverty, can initiate a global revolution. No, I'm not a leftist emissary, it’s just the way it is. Throughout Europe, including the United States, not to mention Russia, Latin America, Africa, or Asia, large populations are living in extreme hopelessness. Also misery unimaginable in richer countries. This leads to famines, diseases and massive escape from regions affected by violence.

What do "liberal" rulers of the world do, walking with egalitarian slogans "freedom, equality and brotherhood"? They invest in the Third and Second World arranging first the wary political regimes for themselves. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, which was everything, but a true union, so-called Eastern Bloc fell apart. The sale of social goods by a company of post-communists and liberal "transformers" of the political system took place on the occasion of the resulting dissolution. The post-communists should not be confused with the communists, for the latter were most often bristling with bewilderment, while the first were cunning in every swindle and then they made great fortunes. Out of them emerged a caste of oligarchs, and they created, for their own needs, castes of servile officials, judges, or closed circles of eternal deputies, diplomats and local government workers.

It's just that greed is the fatal flaw of those lords of the modern world. Tsarist Angela Merkel, at the head of the European Union, which has been vassioned by Germany and France, flooded Europe with migrants from the Middle East and Africa. The obliging Soros helped by financing the migrations of people, and the European elites eagerly accepted that. First, with the help of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Barack Obama, the remnants of order were destroyed in Maghreb and Syria, then crowds of refugees were brought to Europe offering open borders. All this to reduce labor costs in the aging societies of Western Europe. Unfortunately, the elaborate plan of "helping refugees" has not burned out, because most of the newcomers prefer to live on unemployment benefits or trade in drugs rather than work almost for free. Not to mention integration with the European working people. For this, the rich are eager to integrate in the media, if only through the glass and not too long. Every now and then bombs of radical followers of Allah are exploding, and the average German, Frenchman or Belgian is getting tired of it. The elections in Italy have already sent the liberals to slums, France is currently burning, and in Germany the nationalist AfD is gaining more and more influence. So far, the third party in the Bundestag, and it’s growing in power fast.

Rebellion is rising against the quasiliberal elites who are already living in communism, because they have everything for free, at their fingertips, thanks to systemic robbing of societies. Greedy oligarchs create mafias that drive them billions. And with the help of Jean-Claude Juncker, as the prime minister of Luxembourg, the companies will barely pay any taxes. And thanks to the cunning tricks of the then Prime Minister Donald Tusk, the lobbyists have milked 60-70 billion euros from Poland due to VAT fraud. It was enough to change the Polish tax law thanks to a brilliant representative of Ernst & Young, and at the same time an official advisor to the Minister of Finance. No wonder that with such recommendations pp. Juncker and Tusk are making brilliant careers in the European Union. Even the fact that the first is constantly wobbling at EU parties, and the other often entices some androns, warming the armchair for his great protector, isn’t a hindrance. Oh, just in case she was moved from the wobbly chair of the chancellor.

And all this results from the parasites greedily throwing themselves at the throats of nations and nearly eating them, instead of entering a state of symbiosis.


"Apolitical" Court of the European Union

The Act on the Supreme Court passed by the Polish parliament equalized the judges of this court with other citizens who retire after the age of 65. They can continue to perform their function if within one month of the entry into force of the new law they submit a relevant declaration and present appropriate medical certificates, and the President of the Republic of Poland agrees. Some of the judges of the Supreme Court considered shortening the term of office as unconstitutional, citing the principle of irremovability of judges provided for in art. 180 sec. 1 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland.
Here is an occurence of "Cyclop's Casus", because according to the referenced article 180 of the Constitution, in fact the first paragraph refers to the irremovability of judges, but it is not uncorruptible irremovability. In the further paragraphs of this article, the Constitution determines that the deprivation of a judge's position on the grounds of, for example, the commission of a crime or serious illness, is decided by the court on the basis of the Act. The same is true in the case of retirement or transfer, where the law signed by the president decides.
The government side defends its position with the need to allow junior judges to enter courts, who are:
- not affected by the flaw of post-communist distortions, as well as active participation in the repression of the ancien régime;
- not so inefficient at work due to age and health conditions, which gives an opportunity to shorten the time of issuing judgments.

The concerned, defending themselves against the reform, appealed to the European Commission, which promptly brought charges to Poland that "amendments to the law on the system of common courts and the National Council of the Judicature in connection with the Supreme Court Act adopted by the Sejm completely change the Polish system of justice. On 24 September, the European Commission announced that the EU Commissioners were expressing their decision to send a complaint against Poland to the CJEU in connection with the provisions of the Act on the Supreme Court.
- the Commission requests the CJEU to issue an interim safeguard decision (so-called provisional measures) in order for certain provisions of the MV Act to remain suspended until a final ruling is issued;
- The Commission also wants the CJEU to restore the legal status before the reform was introduced.

The eristic of the opponents of the PiS's version of the reform of the Polish judiciary oscillates around the Montesquieu dogma of the tripartite power, and more recently - in view of the rejection by many countries of the Union of the federalist model of integration - omnipotency of the European Court. Well, in one of the judgments of the CJEU, we read: "under the primacy of EU law, which is an essential feature of the Union legal order (...) the fact that a Member State invokes the provisions of national law, even a constitutional one, can not affect the effectiveness of EU law on the territory of that country "(quoted in SALON 24," Polish Constitution and EU law and the secret role of the EU Court of Justice "). Thus, the EU "federalists", mainly from the Federal Republic of Germany and its satellites, apply to the supporters of Europe of the Fatherland a strategy "if not with a stick, then with a club", ie create a political body exercising totalitarian power over "disobedient" states. Totalitarian, because of everything from methods of fighting with woodworms, to reforms of the pension system. One may wonder whether this alleged "federalism" is not a facade for the establishment of the Fourth Totalitarian Reich, that is, the fulfillment of Adolf Hitler's dreams.
We have, therefore, a real threat to the eruption of the body, which is becoming an instrument of dictatorship in the EU overnight. The body that gives itself the expanding powers of domination, so it is worth knowing how democratically this court is created.

First of all, general judges and advocates are appointed by common accord of the governments of EU countries for a renewable six-year term. So those who are in the minority have no chance of being appointed according to their own preferences.
Second: the judges are nominated by the governments of the Member States. The only Polish judge at the Court of Justice prof. Marek Safjan on 25 February 2009 was nominated by the government of Donald Tusk. As we know, Donald Tusk has never scarred from nominations outside his political circle.
Thirdly: Before the first of December 2009 (when the Treaty of Lisbon became applicable), the states had total freedom of choice as to the choice of persons appointed as judges. At present, the selection takes place after consultation with the Committee provided for in Article 255 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (after SALON 24, ibidem). By no means does it eliminate the influence of politicians, but only reduces the influence of the smaller, so-far sovereign states on behalf of the Union's "goliaths", or smaller political factions in favor of the larger ones.
Fourthly, both the election of the seven members and the functioning of the aforementioned 255 Committee constituting the "cap" of the CJEU are practically unclassifiable to the public. In this respect, it's similar to the FIFA leadership from a few years ago or the Political Bureau of the CPSU from the time of Josef Stalin.
The anxiety of the right wing, currently ruling in Poland, in the context of the CJEU rulings, may also arouse the political origin of the Committee members. From February 11, 2014 to March 1, 2018 its chairman was Jean-Marc Sauve formerly a member of the Socialist Party. Committee member Luigi Berlinguer, from the mid-1950s, belonged to the Communist Party. From the current membership of the Committee (from March 1), Mirosław Wyrzykowski in the years 1977-1979 was a contract employee of the Higher School of Officers of the Ministry of Interior in Legionowo, which meant in the PRL the highest degree of political trust.
It must be assumed that the political assignment of the management of the CJEU pre-decides the judgment. It can be defined that the politicized European Tribunal speaks about the question of the pre-trial judges and attempts to pacify them politically, that is, their alleged or factituous de-politicization by PiS. This means at least such an honest process as Claus von Stauffenberg had after the attack on the Führer.


Agitation fighting for bloody Maidan

During the speech in the European Parliament, the Ukrainian head of the Open Dialog Foundation (FOD), expelled from Poland and the EU, Ludmiła Kozłowska, spoke in strong words about violations of the rule of law, censorship and propaganda in government-controlled media and persecution of civil movements.
Kozłowska expressed her concern that the Polish government is trying to dismantle the European Union from within. Guy Verhofstadt thanked her for the courage that she decided to talk about what is really happening in Poland. (onet.wiadomości)

György Schwartz in 1936, along with Jewish parents, changed his surname to Soros. A few years later, his father arranged for him false papers in the name of a Catholic, Janos Kiss, during the German occupation. Together with the Nazi collaborator, young Schwartz, aka Soros, vel Kiss, dealt with the confiscation of the property of Jews who were deported to German extermination camps. In 1947, seventeen-year-old George Soros went to London and on the second attempt he became a student at the prestigious London School of Economics. The only company that wanted to hire him was the investment bank Singer & Friedlander.

As a well-known stock speculator, he made 25 billion dollars in his business, but he was previously prosecuted by US secret services. Some think that he received a utimatum at the time - freedom for creating a screen in the overthrow of unwanted reign, or long prison. Some countries create such "poles" when they do not want to be associated with illegal, international actions. It is difficult to assess whether Soros's estate belonged to him or if he just managed it. It is hard to believe that such a clever businessman throws away nearly 20 billion dollars to prevent George Bush's election or the promotion of Hilary Clinton. It must be admitted, however, that in this series of failure he managed to organize the Ukrainian Maidan and, thanks to the efforts of the oligarchs there, he has the chance to squeeze out a fair compensation from Ukraine.

And what does the Open Dialog Foundation (FOD) and Ludmila Kozłowska have in common with it? Based on subsidies from Soros and agents of fraternal Brussels-Berlin forces, this foundation sought to stir up chaos in Poland to instill the Maidan and disprove the right-wing government of Prawo i Sprawiedliwość. The Polish authorities say that support for this hybrid war with the ruling right was also obtained from the Kremlin. This would not be the first case of uniting the efforts of Germany and Russia against democratic changes in Poland. The invaders from these countries have thwarted the second in the world after the American Progressive Constitution of May 3, 1791, and in September 1939, Nazi Socialists and Soviet communists again divided Poland. Under the German umbrella, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army flourished, which as one of Hitler's allied corps murdered 200,000 Poles to create a dream lebensraum for Ukrainians. Now oligarchic power from Kiev, treating these bandits as national heroes, sends Soros emissaries to Poland, and when they get into trouble, the German politicians in Berlin and Brussels are pulling out a helping hand immediately. One should be afraid that in Berlin and in a few more capitals under the false colors of the missionaries of internationalism, the same Nazi company is still flourishing.

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